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Bluware and Shell Reach Enterprise Agreement for Global Deployment of Bluware Technology

Bluware and Shell Reach Enterprise Agreement for Global Deployment of Bluware Technology

HOUSTON, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluware Corp, the digital innovation platform that enables the oil and gas industry to accelerate digital transformation initiatives using deep learning, is pleased to announce the enterprise deployment of Bluware technology including VDS™, FAST™, ScaleOut™, and Pickasso™ deep learning technology, a custom version of Bluware InteractivAI™, to further improve Shell's quality and speed of their seismic interpretation workflows globally.

Shell exploration teams first implemented Bluware technology in 2019 to assist in the identification of any type of geological feature to accelerate seismic interpretation workflows and improve results. Shell is now expanding its usage of Bluware technology across various businesses including its Emerging Energy Solution business, such as carbon capture and storage.

Bluware collaborated with Shell exploration teams to develop Pickasso, keeping a focus on their digital transformation goals to accelerate subsurface interpretation workflows, which is applicable to traditional oil and gas exploration and green energy expansion. Pickasso interactive deep learning tool is different from other seismic machine learning tools because it learns in real-time as users provide feedback and it suggests an interpretation on unseen data to deliver more precise and comprehensive understandings of the subsurface.

"One of our digital transformation goals at Shell is to accelerate and automate some of the more mundane interpretation tasks. Bluware's technology helps us do that. This is critical to enable our interpreters to do their job much more efficiently," says Tim Roden, General Manager of Geophysics West at Shell.

"An enterprise agreement is a testament to our long-standing relationship and partnership with Shell helping optimize their current workflows and aligning with their green energy transition," says Dan Piette, CEO of Bluware.

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