BOScoin Releases Whitepaper 2.0 and Forms Strategic Alliance with Energy7 for First Public Financing Project

 With Upgraded Vision and Strategy

SEOUL, South Korea, May 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- BOScoin (, CEO Yezune Choi, Corporate Name: BlockchainOS), the first blockchain project from the Republic of Korea, released its "Whitepaper 2.0", with an upgraded post-ICO vision and strategy. Furthermore, it announced a strategic alliance with Energy7 (, CEO Jaehyang Kim), an innovative Fintech company in petroleum distribution, to be the first public financing project.

The Whitepaper 2.0 focuses on defining BOScoin as a Public Financing project, which combines three alternative solutions -credit creation through participation, democratic impact investments, and commonization of certain assets- to traditional Project Financing for a better capitalism. It further expands on how BOScoin will realize a global currency on mainnet and credit creation methodologies.

BOScoin has successfully developed an electronic voting solution that secures both anonymity (secret ballot) and equality (one person, one vote) based on fully homomorphic encryption. Partnering with petroleum distribution platform Energy7, BOScoin moves to fund its first Public Financing project using blockchain based Trust Contract to replace fee-seeking financial middleman.

A fintech platform company in the energy industry, Energy7 combined financial technology and the sharing economy to create the first ever app-based petrol station management platform. The platform manages every aspect of running a petrol station, including orders, payments, distributions, operations, customer management, and finances. The partnership with BOScoin focuses on the financial services. Whereas traditional financial institutions took fees in return for advance petroleum payments, Energy7 will integrate Trust Contract based BOScoin to its services.

Both companies seek to launch the first Public Financing project in November, and will apply it to BOScoin mainnet in 2019. The partners will start in the Korean market, and expand to China, Indonesia, and other Asian markets together.

Yezhune Choi, CEO of BOScoin, said that "since the ICO, BOScoin has been working on fine-tuning our vision and strategy to real businesses, and that is what we brought to the Whitepaper 2.0." He also mentioned that "the partnership with Energy7 is a great opportunity for BOScoin to showcase what positive effects Public Financing projects can have on corporations and society."

Jaehyang Kim, CEO of Energy7, said that he identifies with "BOScoin's technological prowess as a blockchain platform and future vision in the Whitepaper 2.0." He further mentioned that "as a fintech platform company that powers global energy distribution and transportation, we can create synergy by working between the traditional banking system and BOScoin."