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SHANGHAI, July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- After three decades of growth and innovation, YANRE Fitness is rebranding to YR Fitness. This change is part of the company's plan to expand internationally and make its name easier to remember and pronounce.

Introducing YR Fitness

Founded in 1997 by George Yang, YR Fitness (formerly Yanre Fitness) is a leading commercial gym equipment manufacturer in China. The company is proud to be the first in China to specialize in strength equipment, setting itself apart with innovative designs. George Yang has driven YR Fitness with a commitment to innovation, creating unique designs rather than copying others.

With over 40 patents, YR Fitness offers the same quality as international big brands at a much more affordable price. This means clients do not have to pay for a brand premium, yet they can provide high-quality strength equipment to their users and members. "At YR Fitness, products are made with heart and standards," said George Yang.

Why YR Fitness?

The new name, YR Fitness, emphasizes simplicity and impact. The brand aims to be easy for everyone to recognize and say. This change reflects the company's commitment to bringing top-quality fitness equipment to people all around the world. "YR Fitness marks our step toward global growth," stated George Yang.

What's New?

  • New Brand Name: YR Fitness.
  • New Logo: A fresh, dynamic logo that shows a forward-thinking and energetic spirit.
  • Global Reach: Expanding reach with the aim to become a household name in the fitness industry.

What Stays the Same?

  • Top-Quality Products: Continued commitment to providing the best fitness equipment.
  • Great Service: The same team and unique service remain unchanged.
  • Website: Visit for all fitness equipment needs.

Transition Period

During this transition, both Yanre and YR branding may be visible. The quality and service remain consistent. For any questions, contact

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