BRI President Director Sunarso was Named Best CEO of The Year

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- President Director of BRI (IDX: BBRI) Sunarso, once again made a brilliant achievement by winning the Best CEO of The Year award for the Sustainable Development Goals Contribution category at 2020 People of the Year award held by television station, Metro TV, on Wednesday (18 / 11).

President Director Bank BRI Sunarso
President Director Bank BRI Sunarso

The 2020 People of the Year Award is an annual event held by Metro TV as a token of appreciation for inspirational figures who have contributed to developing the country. There are five categories awarded in the 2020 People of The Year event, namely Best of Government Officer, Best CEO of The Year, Best Social Media Movement of The Year, People of The Year and Lifetime Achievement.

The Best CEO of The Year category is given to leaders of companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, so that accountability and company performance can be accessed in a transparent manner. In addition, under his leadership, the company's vision and mission towards the society were well executed and he had the ability to maintain business continuity and increase long-term business value by continuously innovating and supporting creativity.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has created major challenges for the business world at the global and national levels. On one hand, being a CEO or company leader is not easy, especially in the current challenging COVID-19 pandemic. A leader must be able to face various challenges and generate creative and innovative ideas so that the company he leads continues to progress and develop.

The figure of Sunarso as CEO is considered successful in presenting innovation and creativity through transformation within the company. In the 2020 People of the Year award, BRI under his leadership was also considered to have played an important role in supporting Government programs to accelerate national economic recovery.

Sunarso welcomed and thanked the team for the award. This award, according to Sunarso, is dedicated to all BRIlian team all over Indonesia who never give up and continuously transforming to get out of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"What I highly appreciate about this award is the recognition of all the hard work of BRIliant team throughout Indonesia who remain committed to saving MSMEs amidst of the current pandemic," said Sunarso.

Bank BRI, continued Sunarso, is committed to continuing to uphold the application of social and economic values in running its business. To that end, BRI continues to improve its quality in providing services to the public, especially the MSMEs segment.

The application of social and economic values in running a business can be done simultaneously. This has been proven by Bank BRI which has successfully provided the best financial services for small and remote customers and maintaining its profitability at the same time.

"Bank BRI is able to maintain a positive performance amidst a pandemic, which is certainly something to be proud of. But as a CEO, the job of a CEO is to create value and deliver value. So, the value created through profit generation is indeed important, but much more important than that is that we can deliver other values simultaneously and optimally. Profit is part of economic value, but let's not forget that BRI is a state-owned bank and 80% of its customers are MSMEs, therefore delivering social value is also important than just the economic value. The balance between economic and social value will create a sustainable company," explained Sunarso.

MSMEs, which are the focus of Bank BRI's business are an important segment because this group provides a very large contribution to the economy, namely 68% of gross domestic product (GDP) and 97% for the absorption of national labour. "The best way to improve people's welfare is by giving jobs. So, after facing a crisis like today, saving MSMEs is saving the absorption of Indonesian labour. That means, we continue to support the country delivering prosperity to the people, "said Sunarso.

According to Sunarso, Bank BRI's transformation leads to digital and culture, namely digitalization balanced with changes in behavior and mindset. "In the future, Bank BRI must be able to serve as many people as possible at the lowest possible cost. Go smaller, go faster, go shorter and go cheaper. This is what we communicate to the team, so that everyone understand the message of a CEO," he explained.

BRI with a vision to become The Most Valuable Bank in South East Asia and Home to The Best Talent, explained Sunarso, is always committed to creating economic and social values for the community, by carrying out business processes with good governance.

In contrast to last year, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that occurred throughout the year become one of the consideration of the award jury, how the awarded figure was able to make breakthroughs or innovations to defend the company from a crisis threatening situation, how to be able to give good example in implementing health protocols, how to show social care in the midst of a pandemic.

"They are the ones who give so much in achieving a fair, prosperous, healthy and smart Indonesia. In the end we want to make it - not just an annual event - but a reminder that there are our brothers and sisters who are working hard, to become living legends, so that we can eventually set an example to and inspiration in the future. We hope that this figure who has received an award from MetroTV will remain consistent in providing an example for the nation," said Chief Editor of Metro TV, Arief Suditomo.

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