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Bright Pattern Announces the World's First Omni-Enterprise Contact Center Platform

Bright Pattern Announces the World's First Omni-Enterprise Contact Center Platform

Trusted by 500+ customers in 26 countries, Bright Pattern now adds innovative Omni-Enterprise capabilities, allowing any employee (even people outside the contact center) to connect to customers on any channel.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Bright Pattern, the highest-rated cloud contact center by customers, announces the world's first omni-enterprise contact center platform in the latest release. Bright Pattern is the world's first contact center enabling Omni-Enterprise CX™ - allowing the entire company to help improve the customer experience. This latest release is an industry-first innovation for companies looking to improve CX, drive greater enterprise productivity, and drive digital transformation with messengers and mobility. This release follows recent 2022 milestones including: reaching 500+ customers, #1 rating per customer reviews, record revenues/bookings, 10 straight quarters of profitability, and other recent awards.

Bright Pattern's Omni-Enterprise CX™ Platform

Bright Pattern's provides an all-in-one, comprehensive, enterprise-grade contact center platform with all channels native to the platform. With 99.999% availability, Bright Pattern is a simple yet powerful contact center with the fastest time-to-deploy in the industry. 

  • Omnichannel Conversations: easy effortless omnichannel conversations for customers and contact center agents. Bright Pattern provides agents an omnichannel desktop to handle all interactions on every channel via a "single pane of glass." This reduces effort for both customers and agents, allowing for an easy, personalized conversation. Agents can easily see every interaction on all channels and switch to other channels as needed. The omnichannel desktop also provides prior customer journey history.
  • Omnichannel Quality Management: Bright Pattern Omni QM monitors 100% of interactions on any channel and allows supervisors to review, score, and coach agents to improve CX. Supervisors can search for any interaction using keywords or sentiment, review screen and voice recordings, and coach agents. 100% of interactions can be monitored for quality on every channel using AI or low-effort surveys. When quality falls below target metrics, an individual interaction can be identified and routed immediately to supervisors or quality control specialists so they can connect with customers and save interactions. 
  • Omni-enterprise CX™: Any employee can be connected to any customer on voice and digital channels via an omnichannel mobile app. Bright Pattern Mobile is an omnichannel communication app for iPhones and Android that is powered by the Bright Pattern platform. The Bright Pattern Mobile App allows the user's mobile phone to handle voice calls and also allows any employee to message, web chat, or SMS with customers directly from their mobile phone. Because Bright Pattern Mobile is part of the Bright Pattern platform, companies are now able to see enterprise-wide CX productivity metrics for employees anywhere in the company via Bright Pattern dashboards.

To learn more about Omni-Enterprise CX™, visit

Per Nancy Jamison, Senior Director, Frost & Sullivan: "Bright Pattern's Omni-Enterprise capability within its larger platform is now bringing voice and digital communication to any employee via mobile devices to improve CX and allow contact center metrics to provide visibility on all employees of an enterprise to drive greater productivity."

"We see Omni-Enterprise as the next step into the future beyond omnichannel. Just as omnichannel communication breaks down channel silos for customers and agents to improve CX, omni-enterprise breaks down organizational silos allowing anyone in the company to help customers and drive greater company-wide productivity to improve CX through any employee." noted Ted Hunting, SVP Marketing, Bright Pattern.

Omni-Enterprise CX™ - Innovative Companies Doing It Today

Omni-Enterprise is the future of what innovative companies are doing today:

Retail: One of the first innovative Omni-Enterprise CX™ deployments includes a leading big-box retailer in Asia with nearly 200 stores and 10,000 in-store associates. Its initial deployment was a total non-contact center deployment involving its retail stores, and it then replaced its legacy contact center with Bright Pattern:

  • 6.5 million calls to stores and one-half million calls to the call center annually
  • Increased store answer rates from 40% to 90% in two months 
  • 91% of calls answered within 60 seconds
  • 90% reduction in NPS Detractors
  • Moved from zero visibility on in-store employee CX productivity measurements to 100% visibility, including why people were contacting stores and related-employee productivity metrics
  • $2 Million in store labor savings over 12 months

Healthcare: Bright Pattern has also been deployed to both contact center and non-contact center employees at an innovative health-care startup including mobile healthcare staff.

Non-Profit: Bright Pattern's Omni-Enterprise CX™ platform has also been used by the world's largest YMCA to connect any of their 3,800 employees with customers.

About Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern provides the simplest yet most powerful all-in-one omnichannel contact center solution with over 500 customers in 26 countries, including Bank of America, Bell24, Cable and Wireless, City of Brampton, Community Medical, Detroit Water, Enercare, EY, First Bank, Hairclub, Hurtigruten, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Naver, Officeworks, Pepsi, Randstad, SEIU, Southern Cross Health Insurance, Sun Country Airlines, Sylvan Learning, United Power, VW Bentley, YMCA, and Zillow. Bright Pattern is the highest-rated omnichannel platform by  customers and analysts with the fastest ROI and time to deploy in the industry.

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