Bright Scholar Announces the Opening of Huiyan International Education College of Beijing Normal University

Advancing the Development of China's International Education

FOSHAN, China, Nov. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Bright Scholar Education Holdings Limited ("Bright Scholar" or the "Company") (NYSE: BEDU), the largest operator of international and bilingual K-12 schools in China*, in collaboration with Beijing Normal University ("BNU"), today jointly announced the opening of Huiyan International Education College (the "College").



In terms of student enrollment as of September 1, 2017, according to an industry report commissioned by Bright Scholar and prepared by Frost & Sullivan in 2017.

The College aims to strengthen BNU's global academic engagements and exchanges, facilitate partnerships and new research collaborations in international education training for teachers so as to build a world class international education institution with Chinese characteristics and standardize curriculum for the development of top international education professionals who can integrate domestic and international dimension into the delivery of education. The collaboration will fill the gap in international education degree which is currently not offered by Chinese normal universities. 

Hongpei Sun, Deputy Party Secretary of Beijing Normal University, Hongguang Cheng, Division Head of Office of International Exchange & Cooperation of Beijing Normal University, Wulong Zhang, Secretary-General of Beijing Normal University Education Foundation, Xudong Zhu, Dean of Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University, Huiyan Yang, Chairlady of Bright Scholar, Jerry He, CEO of Bright Scholar, Jinsheng Cheng, Vice President of School Operation of Bright Scholar, and Shu Chen, Vice President of Strategic Alliances of Bright Scholar attended the opening ceremony.

Ms. Huiyan Yang, Chairlady of Bright Scholar offered the keynote remarks at the College's opening ceremony, "Technology is constantly evolving & changing, and international collaboration is growing at astonishing rate as China continues to advance it's "Belt and Road" initiative with other countries. In this context, the need for professionals with international experience is of paramount importance and the demand for premium international education is increasing rapidly."

"Beijing Normal University has a history of over a century, as an advocate, pioneer and practitioner in modern higher education in China with an unwavering commitment in the pre-service preparation of teachers through education and professional development. Over the years, it has trained numerous outstanding teachers and teaching professionals, contributing to the country's socio-economic development and supporting education transformation and innovation."

The Chairlady continued her comments, "The collaboration between Beijing Normal University and Bright Scholar in the establishment of Huiyan International Education College will focus on various areas, first the College will collaborate with overseas universities to introduce renowned education institution brands and resources into China. Second, the College will develop international curriculum and operating systems with Chinese characteristics. It plans to set up a top international academic and research team to advance the "Belt & Road" initiative in international collaboration in education. Our goal is to develop outstanding education professionals and establish Huiyan International Education College as a world-class international education college."

Going forward, the collaboration between Bright Scholar and Beijing Normal University will further deepen  in areas of internship (including short-term internships, Bright Scholar themed event and mentor's program etc.); teachers training program on international education (the first training class is expected to commence in first quarter of 2019), research program on international education curriculum & operating systems as well as establishment of Outstanding Educator Award for academic with significant contributions to international education.  

After the opening ceremony, the College hosted its first annual education forum on the "Development trends of modern international education in China."

Jun Teng, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Institute of International and Comparative Education of Beijing Normal University, chaired the discussion. Xudong Zhu, Dean of Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University, Xiaohui Li, Principal and Deputy Party Sectary of The Experimental High School Attached To Beijing Normal University, Wei Gao, Principal of New Oriental Academy, Chang Liu, Principal of Zhongguancun No.1 Primary School, Laixiang Li, Regional Director of Bright Scholar and Principal of Country Garden Silver Beach School, Yanping Li, Chairperson of Elite Education Group, and  representatives of respective corporations all  centered around the theme to share their views  on new concepts of international education.

About Bright Scholar Education Holdings Limited

Bright Scholar is the largest operator of international and bilingual K-12 schools in China*. The Company is dedicated to providing quality international education to Chinese students and equipping them with the critical academic foundation and skillsets necessary to succeed in the pursuit of higher education overseas. Bright Scholar also complements its international offerings with Chinese government-mandated curriculum for students who wish to maintain the option of pursuing higher education in China. As of August 31, 2018, Bright Scholar operated 65 schools covering the breadth of K-12 academic needs of its students across eight provinces in China. In the fiscal year 2018 school year ended August 31, 2018, Bright Scholar had an average of 36,679 students enrolled at its schools.



In terms of student enrollment as of September 1, 2017, according to an industry report commissioned by Bright Scholar and prepared by Frost & Sullivan in 2017.

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