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Bringing Professional Standards to the Volatile Blockchain Industry -- HZ Capital Group

Bringing Professional Standards to the Volatile Blockchain Industry -- HZ Capital Group

SINGAPORE, Sept. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- With nearly 40 years of combined experience across Singapore's finance, Investment and entrepreneur industry in the team, HZ Capital Group is set to pave the way forward for multi-class investments and venture funding in the blockchain revolution of Singapore's finance industry.

Amidst unpredictable market sentiment and consumer skepticism towards blockchain, a lack of compliance and liquidity hampers progress for future blockchain implementation in the financial markets. In short, the present situation presents a challenging uphill climb for HZ Capital Group.

Demystifying Blockchain to invigorate the finance industry
HZ Capital Group recognizes the impact that blockchain's nascent development will have on the financial and technological landscape. The founders of HZ Capital Group believe that they can foster the next stage of Singapore's finance industry. Comprising of seasoned finance and business industry veterans, HZ Capital Group serves as a bridge that establishes a connection between financial institutions and leading blockchain companies to harness the benefits of blockchain's emergent technological and commercial force.

Some of the renowned blockchain companies HZ Capital has worked with include SwissOne, a Switzerland-based crypto asset management company that has been certified by Swiss regulator FINMA to offer investment products. Others include NOBOS, a decentralized security token exchange with one million followers in their community, and international tie-ups with global financial leaders valuing over USD 200 billion in private equity, M&A, Real Estate, and project financing.

As such, by homing in on serving 4 specific groups of people, HZ Capital Group serves to empower the future of Singapore's finance landscape as a premier blockchain services consortium.

1. Mentoring Blockchain Entrepreneurs through HZ Capital's ICO Accelerator
HZ Capital Group's strong business fundamentals and mentorship activities help blockchain entrepreneurs realize their ideas. Through personal experiences, HZ Capital Group too recognizes the struggles of financial compliance, business development and brand identity that new entrepreneurs undergo. HZ Capital Group provides an exceedingly simple, yet effective solution.

As mentors and speaker engaging companies like SingTel, Microsoft, Intel and the Singapore Business Federation, HZ Capital Group intimately understands how businesses and investments organically grow. Via its tier-ed ICO Accelerator service, HZ Capital Group takes blockchain entrepreneurs through the whole business gamut -- from developing realistic revenue models, solidifying value proposition, to strategizing marketing and product adoption plans. With personalized guidance, HZ Capital Group propels blockchain entrepreneurs to be ICO ready and beyond, confidently and safely securing the next stage of capital injection for growth.

2. Giving investors access to institutional and private investment/fundraising networks to diversify their portfolio (INVESTORS)
It is estimated that by 2025, close to USD145.4 trillion in assets will be managed in some shape or form. As veterans of Singapore's finance industry having worked in illustrious institutions of the old world such as Barclays, UOB and HSBC, HZ Capital Group's team members understand the psychology behind investment. From growing assets under management from SGD45M to SGD100M, to specializing in offshore client relations, HZ Capital Group knows it is the intimate connections of trust, confidence, and foresight between investors and wealth managers that creates successful business.

HZ Capital connects investors to emerging opportunities and privileged networks to build their investment equity or invest in exciting blockchain investment projects within HZ Capital Group's safe and supervised environment.

3. Creating blue ocean opportunity with the finance industry by instilling a renewed culture of collaboration and cooperation (PARTNERS)
HZ Capital recognizes the need to raise awareness and educate the mainstream from the ground up to demystify blockchain and build like-minded communities for the betterment of the finance industry. Serving as a nexus for collaboration and education in the finance industry, HZ Capital Group's directors resolve to connect the disparate communities of compliance, auditing, business intelligence, marketing and software engineering together.

HZ Capital Group will heighten the standards of professionalism and compliance of blockchain and crypto-assets as accepted asset classes within Singapore's finance industry, making blockchain ubiquitous through digital currencies and serving consumers quality financial options for investments and transactions.

4. Dedicated business development and technology consultancy services to assist the integration of Blockchain architecture into established finance industry corporations. (CORPORATES)
On the technological front, HZ Capital Group is excited to collaborate alongside industry leaders such as New York-based security auditor and smart contract developer Bloqchain Science LLC to offer clientele choice opportunities in new markets, business solutions, innovative assets and provide quicker and more secure funding for ventures.

"We recognize the present lack of safe, transparent environments that can facilitate capital injection into quality blockchain projects that truly deserve funding. Through successful integration and adoption mentorship, we believe business and technologies can be utilized to benefit society on a grander scale," said Lanon Wee, Managing Director of HZ Capital.

About HZ Capital Group
HZ Capital Group is a Singapore-based Blockchain Services Consortium, with a vision of bringing industry standards to a volatile blockchain industry through specialized consultancy. Consisting of industry veterans across the fields of Technology, Finance, and Marketing, HZ Capital Group has provided solutions and insights to leaders such as Singtel, Intel, Microsoft, amongst others.

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