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Broad Homes - diversified products to help green and low-carbon development of urban and rural construction

HONG KONG, Mar 14, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - The year 2022 is an important year to enter into the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country and march towards the second hundred-year goal, and it is remarkable how the construction industry can take a new "road to catch up". As the promoter and practitioner of China's construction industrialization, Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Broad Homes, ticker 2163.HK) makes urban and rural spaces more efficient, green, environmental friendly and sustainable with its constantly upgraded and improved multi-product matrix and technology system.

Broad Homes BOX Modul Guesthouse in Baimian Mountain Tourist Attraction

Diversified product system to help urban and rural construction green low-carbon development

During this year's National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Congress (also known as "National Two Sessions"), green and low-carbon are amongst the most discussed topics. The government work report put forward a number of specific tasks to achieve dual carbon goals. Industrialization of construction is a necessary path for the construction industry to achieve green transformation and high-quality development, and a key grasp to win the future.

In recent years, Broad Homes has insisted on ecological priority and green low-carbon development, continuously increased R&D of green low-carbon buildings by accumulating product and technology advantages, customized and differentiated products and established a diversified product portfolio.

Products to highlight:
Broad Homes' fully prefabricated modular building product - BOX Modul - which was quickly adopted for use by sectors such as cultural tourism, public buildings, office space and medical stations. Since its launch in July 2021, projects were completed and delivered to over 16 provinces in China.

High-quality apartments for employee housing, which will contribute to the construction of guaranteed rental housing during the 14th Five-Year Plan period and are expected to solve the housing issues of new citizens and young people.

Intelligent parking complexes, which focus on solving the immediate needs of the public and relieving urban traffic pressure, while integrating new commercial needs.

Broad Home's Bhouse products have been well applied in cities, counties, and townships, in response to the existing demand for high-quality development of urban and rural construction. The construction efficiency of multi-story fully assembled and integrated building products has been greatly improved, with finished products delivered within 100 days and multi-story subdivisions delivered completely within six months; Bhouse products have precisely launched the rural self-built housing market, not only effectively improved the quality of rural habitat and helping the construction of livable villages, but also establishing the construction. It also establishes a B-to-C business model in which the products are sold to end users.

From the city to the countryside, Broad Homes has painted the most beautiful colors of China's urban and rural development and paved the way to greener development. Broad Homes has resonated with the people's livelihood and enterprise development and stepped into the road of high-quality development.

Tang Fen, Director and President of Broad Homes, said, "Since its establishment, Broad Homes has taken energy conservation and environmental protection as its core purpose, whether to promote the change of construction production methods or to develop any products and technologies, hoping that the industry can further upgrade to green sustainability and realize low-carbon, resource-saving and environment-friendly developments. In the future, we will continue to maintain green technology product leadership and create value for both the industry and society."

Productivity upgrade to promote the construction of the industrial parks

During this year's National Two Sessions, "construction of guaranteed rental housing" was mentioned by many representatives. The Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Guaranteed Rental Housing released in July 2021 clearly states that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, in accordance with the principle of balancing employment and housing, support should be given to the use of collective business construction land in urban areas, near industrial parks or areas with convenient transportation for the construction of subsidized rental housing, or the upper limit of the proportion of land area for the construction of administrative office and living service facilities in industrial parks to the total land area of the project should be increased from 7% to 15%. This will promote the integration of industry with city and achieve the basic principle of matching supply and demand and balancing employment and housing. Therefore, the improvement of residential facilities in industrial parks and helping talents to "live and work in peace and happiness" have received wide attention.

At present, the newly upgraded high-quality youth apartment series products of Broad Homes can flexibly meet the demand for large-volume community-based and high-end rentals. The multi-story talent apartments can be delivered in 50 days and the high-rise talent apartments can be delivered in 150 days, which can better and faster solve the housing problems of new citizens and young people; and the BOX Modul apartment products, which are built with modular space product technology, truly realize "building houses like a car" and "delivering houses like cars", effectively promoting regional development, connecting talents to industrial parks, and effectively improving city efficiency.

In addition to significantly shortening the construction period, Broad Homes BOX Modul apartment products are also highly advantageous in terms of building quality, low-carbon and energy saving factory production all while meeting the requirements of the current national specifications. BOX moduls combinations are extremely flexible, which can better balance the cost management between individual needs and standardized modulus, solving the problems of long construction period, high cost and low quality of traditional moduls, effectively saving money and time.

In order to achieve a higher level of industry-city integration, match supply and demand, and achieve a balance of employment and residence, Broad Homes continues to advance in product power. Nowadays, young people have become the main force of national construction, and they attach more importance to comfort, privacy, social aspects of living environment. On the premise of meeting the requirements of rental housing and basic services, the Broad Homes BOX Modul apartments for talents provide a whole floor of common area to create a rich sharing space, which integrates living and social life. In addition, Broad Home residences also focuses on the needs of young people and enriches the construction of supporting facilities in the community to fit the differentiated and diversified rental housing needs.

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