Bronchiectasis Coughing/Mucus Relief – AirPhysio OPEP Airway Device Launched

Life Wellness Healthcare has updated its online store to cater for customers with bronchiectasis. It’s now restocked the AirPhysio device, which has won numerous awards for its effectiveness.

The newly available AirPhysio is a lightweight, handheld product that can be easily carried on journeys. Whether used at home or while travelling, it improves breathing and reduces mucus buildup in minutes.

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Bronchiectasis is a chronic lung disease that develops slowly over time, but common symptoms include persistent coughing and an excess of mucus. Many sufferers feel fatigued as a result of this, and it can lead to fever. The recently restocked AirPhysio is proven to help manage and alleviate these symptoms.

To use the AirPhysio, customers are requested to take a deep breath and fill their lungs completely. They then place the AirPhysio to their mouth and exhale through the device.

This begins the oscillation process and allows pressure to create vibrations in the chest. During use, mucus will accumulate towards the top of the lungs, which makes it easier to expel or swallow.

Customers can repeat this process for up to five minutes at a time and are encouraged to use the device up to three times per day as required. Regular use reliably loosens the mucus and helps customers to breathe easier throughout the day.

Other benefits include strengthening the lungs, which makes the product popular among musicians and athletes as well as those with breathing difficulties. The company underscores that the AirPhysio is safe to use on people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

Life Wellness Healthcare is an online store established to aid the breathing of those with respiratory conditions. It is managed by an experienced team who have firsthand knowledge of the difficulties associated with lung disease and asthma.

Alongside the newly restocked AirPhysio, customers can also buy special filters that attach to the device. These remove 99% of viral matter and help to maintain the cleanliness of the product.

A spokesperson for the company states: “The Average Lung Capacity device is AirPhysio’s number one selling device and is suited to 99% of people with a range of respiratory conditions, even those who may consider themselves acute or severe.”

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