Bugatti Delivers First Chiron in Southeast Asia to a Customer in Singapore

SINGAPORE, March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The first Bugatti Chiron in Southeast Asia was delivered to a Singaporean private collector just before the Lunar New Year. The hypercar will be stored in a climate-controlled showcase facility at Wearnes Automotive and marks the first of 20 units that will be delivered to customers in Asia between now and 2020.

The Bugatti Chiron is amongst the world's fastest, most luxurious and exclusive hypercars. Only 500 of these exceptional cars are to be produced and more than 75% of the total series has already been purchased by customers around the world. The Bugatti Chiron is highly customisable and the Singaporean owner decided to go with a dual colour paint job of Atlantic Blue and French Racing Blue, paying homage to the original Bugatti Chiron unveiled at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show.

The interior of the Bugatti Chiron reflects the stylistic themes of the exterior including the central fin inspired by the Bugatti Atlantic. The design theme of the Bugatti line is expressed most strongly in the interior of the vehicle with an open oval separating the symmetrical units in between the driver and passenger, based on a stylised "C", derived from Ettore Bugatti's signature. Keeping in line with the dual colour exterior, the owner opted for a full leather interior in Terre d'Or.

"We recognise a growing appetite for hypercars in Asia. Our customers form an exclusive group of automobile collectors in search of the very best," says Mr. Victor Kwan, Managing Director of the Prestige Division of Wearnes Automotive. "Apart from enjoying the exclusivity and power of the Bugatti, customers also consider its investment value. The Bugatti Chiron is one of the few cars that actually appreciate in value."

Wearnes Automotive holds the Bugatti franchise for the Southeast Asia region. Since the launch of the Bugatti Chiron in 2016, the Singapore based automotive dealer has sold 20 units of the hyper sports car with ten cars sold in 2018 alone. This makes Wearnes Automotive one of the world's top Bugatti dealers in 2018 and Shawn Chin, Brand Manager for Bugatti Singapore, the winner of the Bugatti Sales Excellence Progamme 2018.

As part of the win, Wearnes Automotive will have the privilege to send a representative to be the first person in Southeast Asia to take part in the Chiron 400 Drive, which includes a rare opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Bugatti Chiron and take it up to speeds of more than 400km/h. 

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Wearnes Automotive Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore is a leading distributor and retailer of premium cars in Southeast Asia. Established in 1906, Wearnes is a true Asian group with a wide network in Southeast Asia representing 13 brands across 7 countries. It is also the largest distributor in Southeast Asia for Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo. The over a century-old company currently operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, mainland China, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Wearnes Automotive is a member of StarChase Group of Companies.

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