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Building Future-oriented Data Centers with Green, Simple, Smart, and Reliable (GSSR) Innovations

Building Future-oriented Data Centers with Green, Simple, Smart, and Reliable (GSSR) Innovations

MONACO, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei hosted the Global Data Center Facility Summit with the theme of "Smart DC, Building the Green Future" in Monaco. Nearly 200 data center industry leaders, technical experts, and ecosystem partners from around the world shared their insights into the development trends of the data center industry and their innovative practices for sustainable development.

Preferred Choices for Large Data Centers: PowerPOD 3.0 and Smart Fan Wall

Huawei launched the next-generation PowerPOD 3.0 and Smart Fan Wall Chilled Water Cooling Solution to enable green power supply and efficient cooling for large data centers and ultimately drive low-carbon development.

Huawei developed the PowerPOD 3.0 to build integrated power supply systems that deliver high density, efficiency, and reliability for large data centers.

  • Green: The ultrahigh-density UPS and flapping-wing load switches are optimized through component integration. The number of cabinets is reduced from 18 to 10, saving more than 30% of space. When the UPS works in S-ECO mode, it boosts the end-to-end efficiency from 95.4% to 98.4%.
  • Simple: Prefabricated busbars are used to replace cables. They are pre-commissioned in the factory and implement plug-and-play onsite, shortening the delivery period from two months to two weeks.
  • Smart: Digital and intelligent technologies are used to ensure that all links are visible, manageable, and controllable, improving O&M efficiency and automating the power supply system.
  • Reliable: The iPower intelligent feature measures temperatures at more than 150 points and predicts the lifespan of key components to implement predictive maintenance.

The cooling system consumes more than 30% of the power demanded in a data center. Huawei uses innovative architecture and multiple energy-saving technologies to build a new-generation fan wall chilled water cooling solution that is efficient and reliable, enabling cooling systems in large data centers to consume less energy.

  • Green: The water inlet temperature can reach 20°C, reducing the energy consumption of chillers by 15%.
  • Simple: Key components are hot-swappable and can be replaced within 1 minute without service interruption.
  • Smart: Fault self-diagnosis facilitates fast fault locating, identification, and analysis to accelerate service recovery.
  • Reliable: PFC embedded in fans ensures a THDi less than 5% and a power factor greater than 0.99.

Building a Solid Foundation for Digital Transformation to Embrace a Smart World

Sun Xiaofeng, President of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Business Unit, delivered an opening speech, envisioning new opportunities for global data center development and presenting Huawei's strategy in the data center facility field.

According to Mr. Sun, driven by digital and low-carbon transformations, the data center industry is facing unprecedented opportunities. Huawei is eager to join hands with all community members, to drive the transformations of data centers to be green, simple, smart, and reliable, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the data center industry.

Li Huiyong, General Manager of Huawei Data Center Facility Marketing Dept, said that the surge in AI computing power drives rapid development of data center industry. Huawei proposes the concept "GSSR" (Green, Simple, Smart, Reliable) to respond the challenges of new era. To help customers build sustainable data centers and embrace a green future, Huawei launches the innovative PowerPOD 3.0 and Smart Fan Wall solutions.

Global industry leaders shared data center technology trends, corporate strategies, and innovative practices, setting the direction for sustainable development of data centers.

Stephen Beard, Partner and Global Head of Data Centers for Knight Frank, said that when it comes to embodied carbon and the general form of construction, many people don't know but today, 90% of new colocation facilities can meet BREEAM or LEED excellent. There is now a greater drive away from concrete and towards pre fab modular forms of construction and even cross-laminated glulam wood which has been adopted by EcoDC in Sweden.

Simon McCormick, Chief Technical Officer of Echelon Data Centers, said that Echelon Data Centers aims to be a sustainable prosumer of energy. This encompasses sustainability's three pillars: economic, environmental, and social.

Carlo Malana, CEO of ST Telemedia Global Data Centers (Philippines), said that the Philippines is witnessing its viability as a data center hub in the high-growth Southeast Asia region. Key technologies such as lithium-ion batteries and fan walls, are designed and deployed for sustainability, flexibility and customer needs in the face of hyperscalers expansion.

Experts present at the panel discussion include Sanjay Kr Sainani, Global SVP & CTO of Huawei Data Center Business, John Belton, Global Director of Development at Colt Data Centre, Carlo Malana, CEO of ST Telemedia Global Data Centers (Philippines), Martien Arts, Director of Mission Critical Facilities at Royal HaskaoningDHV, and Mark Acton, Global Head of Technical Due Diligence at Future-Tech. They exchanged insights around issues such as data center sustainability and technology trends.

Highlights of DataCloud Global Congress

During the DataCloud Global Congress, Huawei showcased its PowerPOD 3.0, EHU indirect evaporative cooling solution, FusionModule2000 solution, and other GSSR-based solutions for small, medium, and large data centers. The exhibition reflects Huawei's technological innovations and explorations in the data center facility field. At the conference, Sanjay Kr Sainani, Global SVP & CTO of Huawei Data Center Business, and Richard Pimper, SVP & CTO of Huawei Data Center Facility in Europe, shared their thoughts on data center construction and communicated with other industry experts.

Looking ahead, Huawei will work with customers and ecosystem partners to explore more possibilities for sustainable development. Huawei will develop advanced green data center solutions based on its technological expertise and innovation strengths to drive low-carbon and intelligent transformation, ultimately accelerating carbon neutrality across the industry.

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