Business Events Hangzhou: Establishing the City as the Venue For "New Economy" Conferences

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Organized by Business Events Hangzhou, the "Hangzhou, Inspiring New Connections" press conference was held at the Yunqi Town International Convention and Exhibition Center on November 21, 2018, at which the results of Hangzhou's efforts to reposition itself as the venue for conferences focused on "new economy" industries were announced.

Announcing the results of Hangzhou’s efforts to reposition itself as the venue for 'new economy' conferences
Announcing the results of Hangzhou’s efforts to reposition itself as the venue for 'new economy' conferences

Converting Hangzhou into a prime destination for international conferences is one of the city's key goals, as part of the overall mission to transform Hangzhou into an international gateway city. With its extensive resources, Hangzhou is uniquely positioned to develop the meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) sector. Hangzhou's urban environment rich in greenery, combined with the many cultural attractions that can be explored in tandem while attending a conference, highlights the city's unique appeal as a venue for one's meeting.

Over the last few years,  Hangzhou's MICE sector has transitioned from one that drew in clients based chiefly on its resource advantages to one that now includes its industry advantages as a strong selling point. The Internet, the culturally-focused creative industries, financial services, healthcare, as well as renewable and sustainable energies are among the roster of industries that have recently started emerging in Hangzhou. This year, Hangzhou has set the goal of transforming itself into the "No.1 Digital Economy City in China", starting with a key project to promote the digital economy across the board, further underscoring Hangzhou's increasingly dominant position in terms of the presence of many of the industries that define the new economy.

The combination of the growing footprint in both the MICE and the new economy sectors, especially for industries that have natural advantages due to their being located in Hangzhou, has created a mutually beneficial virtuous circle. Through a series of events including the launch of a publicized list that ranks the success of each "new economy" conference and the roll out of financial services and travel incentives to support "new economy" MICE events (60 customized tourism products covering the four MICE categories), the "Hangzhou, Inspiring New Connections" marketing campaign aims to:

  • highlight the advantages of Hangzhou's new economy industries and enhance the ties between these industries and the MICE sector;
  • gain industry recognition and assume a leadership position within those industries where such recognition has been gained;
  • solve the financial pain points for organizations in industries that wish to host their event in Hangzhou but whose membership might not have the financial means to attend by providing financial support to event participants, helping facilitate the development of a private economy that provides services to the MICE sector;
  • educate the general public about the advantages of Hangzhou's MICE sector through messaging that reaches out to a wider audience.