Caicloud Completes Series B Round Led by China Growth Capital (CGCVC)

HANGZHOU, China, Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Caicloud, the top-tier provider of Kubernetes-based cluster management service and enterprise deep learning AI solutions in China, announced today that it has closed series B funding with an undisclosed amount. China Growth Capital led this round. Caicloud's existing Angel round and A round investors - Cybernaut and Matrix Partner China also participated in this round.

Founded by a bunch of ex-Googlers and CMU alumni with expertise in Google cluster management and AI solutions, Caicloud has outstood from peer container-centric startup companies global-wise. Within its first year of foundation, Caicloud is well-known for its enterprise-level product "Compass" (formerly known as "CaaS"), a k8s containerized orchestration cloud platform that has passed the CNCF conformance test and rendered itself seamlessly compatible with all present-day popular cloud infrastructures in China including Ali Cloud, VMware and OpenStack. Caicloud Compass has served and satisfied dozens of 500 Fortune companies in China that cover industries such as Finance, Energy, Manufacture, E-Commerce with a customer list including State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), JinJiang E-Commerce Group, UnionPay China, and Haier Group.

To bring Caicloud Compass and the advantage of Kubernetes to its full extension, which is similar to the supportive position that Borg plays within the whole stack of cloud business inside Google, Caicloud has brought to the stage "Clever" (formerly known as "TaaS") on top of "Compass" in early 2017, to provide distributed GPU-enhanced TensorFlow-based deep learning tools and models to transform enterprise dataset into desired business intelligence and insights. The design and idea of the more mature Caicloud "Clever" was presented in Berlin KubeCon in March 2017 ("Building Distributed TensorFlow Using Both GPU and CPU on Kubernetes") with a pioneering client case in E-Commerce to search, sort and organize 20,000 images per day.

Agricultural Bank China (ABC), as one of the top three state-owned banks in China, is another client that has purchased Caicloud "Clever" to build their Smart Bank with a complete stack from Kubernetes platform infrastructure to TensorFlow-empoweded face recognition solution, and can thus analyze bank customer behavior and better engage with their new customers.

As Caicloud Cofounder & CEO, Dr Xin Zhang mentioned that for this round Caicloud has received quite a bit interests and inquires and the process to partner with CGCVC was smooth and pleasant.  Xin said, "In 2018, Caicloud will continue to leverage the potential of Kubernetes to achieve more intelligent tasks for enterprises in a more creative way."

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