Call for applications: Red Boat Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

SAN FRANCISCO, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The 4th Jiaxing Red Boat Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, organized by Techcode, officially kicked off the Overseas Entrepreneurship Division, the pitch session reopens now. The competition is divided into two categories: startups and innovation. Startups focus on digital economy, advanced manufacturing, new energy & new materials and healthcare. The tech startups from technology-related industries will get the great chance to introduce their projects and win prizes.

Call for applications: Red Boat Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition
Call for applications: Red Boat Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Time Frame of the Competition

Phase 1: Talent and project recruiting, Registration Deadline: June 20th, 2020

Phase 2: Qualification Review: Committee will review material and confirm the list of selected participants by early July.

Phase 3: Primary Selection (Technical Review): Committee will perform technical reviews and confirm by mid-July.

Phase 4: Overseas Industry Competitions (Online Roadshow): Each industry will pick one 1st Prize, two 2nd Prizes, and five 3rd prizes (in a total of 32) via video roadshows by mid-August. The Top 2 prizes of each industry (total of 16) will compete in Grand Final.

Phase 5: Grand Final: During "Starlit South Lake" Yangtze River Delta Elite Summit, the Grand Final will generate one Outstanding Winner, two 1st Prizes, three 2nd Prizes, and ten 3rd Prizes between September and October.

Award Support

Overseas Industry Competitions

4 1st Prizes: RMB 20K each
8 2nd Prizes: RMB 10K each
20 3rd Prizes: RMB 5K each

Grand Final

1 Outstanding Winner: RMB 200K
2 1st Prizes: RMB 100K each
3 2nd Prizes: RMB 50K each
10 3rd Prizes: RMB 30K each

Project Support

In Industry Competitions, The Top 1 will be treated as Class A project, 2nd & 3rd as Class B projects, 4th – 8th as Class C projects. Class B projects winning First Prize or Second Prize in Grand Final will be promoted to Class A. All the Class A projects can be recommended to become Class A+ by local county after business entity setup. If the business entity is registered by the end of 2021, it is entitled for "Innovative Jiaxing Elite Leading Initiative" and enjoy support of RMB 7-10 Million, 5 Million, 3 Million or 2 Million, respectively.

For talents under the age of 35, 5% bonus will be granted.

Complemental Support

Grant Talent Certificate, Talent Green Card, RMB 600K of housing support, and other support policies for startups, tech transfer, and IPOs.