Camera360 hosted Silicon Valley's "Captain" and reveal the secrets of future business trends

CHENGDU, China, Sept. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 5th, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Steve Hoffman, and Chengdu's star-up gurus visited Camera360; with the purpose of focusing on the future trends of technology entrepreneurship and sharing experiences of both success and failures. As a VIP guest, Steve Hoffman shared the theme of "AI robots and the future of mankind"; imagining how human life can change with AI technology apps and development.

Regarding the rapid development of technology and highly competitive market, Camera360 CEO Xu Hao said that environment is only an external factor; the essence of innovation and entrepreneurship is to solve consumer problems, making things more convenient and valuable for the customer. For 7 years, Camera360 has always relied on core technological innovation to penetrate and solve the actual needs of users; paying special attention to delicate local operations; so it comes as no surprise that Camera360 has become a pioneering Chinese company in overseas markets, becoming one of the most successful models for companies doing business abroad.

Camera360 has more than 800 million global users currently, and is one of the most successful apps in China doing business abroad. Globally, users use Camera360 to produce 2000 photos every second; adding up to more than 200 million photos per day.

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