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CANDY POPPY to Launch New Air-Popped Coated Popcorn Collection

CANDY POPPY to Launch New Air-Popped Coated Popcorn Collection

Bringing a Delightful Twist to Your Snacking Experience

TAOYUAN, Sept. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Elevate your snacking experience with the CANDY POPPY Coated Popcorn Collection. As a leading brand renowned for coated popcorn, CANDY POPPY once again astounds with its innovative creations, crafting irresistible treats that tantalize taste buds and awaken the senses.

Exploring Taiwanese Savory Flavors with CANDY POPPY's new thematic Collaboration packaging

CANDY POPPY is excited to introduce its latest product collection which features three green theme intriguing savory flavors: Coriander, Scallion, and Seaweed. This imaginative packaging design co-work with the famous Taiwanese Illustrator- INCREDIVILLE. The unique combination of salty and sweet brings a harmonious balance that will intrigue even the most adventurous palates. These new options are designed to tickle your taste buds and offer a fresh perspective on snacking. With the different collections, CANDY POPPY continues to push boundaries and challenge conventional snack norms.

CANDY POPPY's Revolution in Snacking: Quality Ingredients, Unmatched Taste

The truth of CANDY POPPY Popcorn's excellence lies in its selected ingredients and the special popping and coating technique. They use non-genetically modified corn sourced from the United States and strictly selected Ingredients and raw Materials.

CANDY POPPY Popcorn stands out due to its revolutionary air-popping process without adding any oil during this popping process which refers to the expansion process of corn kernels by just using heat and high pressures. Only use the water content of the corn kernel itself at a high temperature to pop out the corn. Compared with the traditional oil-popped process, the air-popped method is less burden and healthier. Which results in a snack that's lower in oil content, reducing the guilt often associated with traditional popcorn. The air-popping technique ensures a light and crispy texture that is truly satisfying.

What truly sets CANDY POPPY Popcorn apart is its special coating technique. Through a meticulous process involving boiled high-temperature syrup, each popcorn is uniformly coated, guaranteeing a consistent and delightful flavor profile in every bite. This intricate method showcases the brand's dedication to crafting a snack that offers not only great taste but also a memorable texture.

CANDY POPPY Popcorn utilizes high-food-grade quality Trehalose from Japan, that helps to taste the original Nutrients of corn itself with only half the sweetness & calories of sucrose. This choice not only reduces the overall sugar content but also provides a balanced sweetness that appeals to a wide range of taste preferences and also makes a crispy texture and keeps the soft inside of the popcorn.


CANDY POPPY, a leading brand in popcorn products from Taiwan, is dedicated to creating innovative and irresistible treats for any occasion. CANDY POPPY team at their own food research Lab is always buzzing with fantastical ideas, just like popcorn blossoms at high temperatures and pressures, to create unique recipes that balance flavor and texture also bring out the happiness to present with CANDY POPPY popcorn - That is "Rich", "Crispy" and "Non-Greasy" to tickle your taste buds!

The development of each flavor is like a wonderful & joyful adventure, and we all look forward to recording each journey with great care so that popcorn fans can be surprised with delicious flavors beyond their imagination and experience the joy of variety together!

Discover the fascinating world of CANDY POPPY Coated Popcorn and go on a snacking journey. Indulge in flavors that surprise, delight, and redefine what popcorn can be. Come and immerse yourself in CANDY POPPY's kingdom of fun! Stay Popping! & Stay Happy!

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