Canton Fair: Effective and Lively Promotion of Cooperation in the Belt and Road Markets

Canton Fair: Effective and Lively Promotion of Cooperation in the Belt and Road Markets

GUANGZHOU, China, April 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- "Since the opening of this session of the Canton Fair, we have connected with multiple Thai customers and exchanged contact information using the 'instant messaging' function. It is very effective," said Liu Yufeng, Director of the Foreign Trade Department of Jiaxin Modern Travel Goods, who just ended a livestream. Liu told reporters that the Canton Fair played an effective role in expanding their overseas markets along the Belt and Road, where buyers were eager to do business with them. He was expected to make full use of the Canton Fair platform to facilitate the company's entry into the emerging markets.

Since the Belt and Road Initiative was put forward in 2013, China and countries along the Belt and Road have experienced growing people-to-people exchanges and business partnerships year on year. The Canton Fair, as China's largest trade promotion platform, has distinct advantages in fostering economic and trade cooperation between China and other Belt and Road countries, with buyers from these countries accounting for 45% of the total each session.

Lin Xiaofeng, Deputy General Manager of International Marketing of Shen zhen Topray Solar, is a big fan of the Canton Fair. He appreciated the positive role played by the Fair in supporting the joint market development along the Belt and Road. He told reporters that they had successfully developed a partnership with a Moroccan customer in the previous session, which had benefited them significantly. At the 131st Canton Fair, they have brought 40 more products with pictures on the company page, mainly commodities and consumer goods aimed at the Belt and Road markets, expecting new friends and customers who are like-minded.

According to Alan Liu, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair, the event has actively implemented the Belt and Road Initiative and has served as an essential platform for smooth trade between China and countries along the Belt and Road. He stated that, like previous sessions, this session would enable companies along the Belt and Road to discover more opportunities for collaboration, as a way of contributing to the acceleration of the new development pattern of domestic and international circulations.

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