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Cappfinity and Lexxic partnership helps organisations embrace neurodiversity in the workplace

Cappfinity and Lexxic partnership helps organisations embrace neurodiversity in the workplace

LONDON, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- HR tech firm, Cappfinity, has announced a new partnership with specialist neurodiversity consultancy, Lexxic, to help businesses create a culture that enables neurodivergent talent to flourish.

Operating since 2007, Lexxic was founded by Chartered Occupational Psychologist Nicola James after experiencing the challenges of her own Dyslexia in the corporate sector.

Neurodiversity refers to the different ways a person's brain processes information. It is a term used to describe alternative thinking styles such as Dyslexia, DCD (Dyspraxia), Dyscalculia, Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

As part of the partnership, Lexxic conducted an extensive audit of Cappfinity's product portfolio, enabling the business to offer organisations a lifecycle solution that will support neurodivergent individuals throughout their employment journey, from candidate through to employee.

Director of Product, Beth Wilson, spoke about the collaboration:

"To truly embrace neurodiversity, organisations need to consider how they can ensure greater accessibility across talent assessment and development practices. We are delighted to be working with Lexxic to help businesses eliminate obstacles and unlock potential.

"By supporting neurodiversity in the workplace, businesses will be able to create a workforce that is more reflective and inclusive of the population as a whole and enable real diversity of thought and perspective. Employees who genuinely 'think differently' are guaranteed to bring new perspectives and insights to any organisation."

Kate Goodanew, Head of Partnerships at Lexxic spoke about the aim of the partnership:

"Around one in seven of the UK population is neurodiverse and yet often face challenges when seeking employment. A report from the Office for National Statistics in 2021 revealed that just 22 per cent of Autistic individuals were in either full or part-time work.

"Our workplaces are filtering out the very types of minds and skills we need for the future. Given adjustments and support, neurodivergent people can flourish in the workplace, maximising on their unique strengths as opposed to constantly trying to overcome challenges. Our partnership with Cappfinity will enable us to reach more businesses and support them on their journey to thinking differently about neurodiversity."


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