Capvision: Premium Knowledge Services Rock the World

SHANGHAI, Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Positioned as the largest expert network platform in Asia, Capvision is taking steps to globalize and expand its expert network beyond Asia.

A Swiss consultant of wealth management industry expressed that he learned about Capvision via LinkedIn and worked with Capvision on an interview regarding business model, client management and market differentiation of Private Banking organization.

When he talked about the vision of the knowledge sharing industry, he said he liked the idea of contributing to the global knowledge sharing network: "It would be interesting to see new business models and client management skills emerging in other parts of the world -- including usage of digital tools in client management, from transaction to data/information handling, as well as consulting."

Capvision's expert network also penetrated into many cutting-edge industries, including the revolutionary AI technology. An American consultant in AI industry shared his cooperative experience with Capvision: "Capvision staff are very professional. They organized the interview well and managed the clients' questions in a good way. Moreover, the service helped clients save time and know an industry logically."

Another American consultant confirmed the professionalism of Capvision: "Capvision is much focused and very professional. I would be honored to work with them again."

Capvision can arrange the most suitable consultants with valuable business insights based on client requests. The uniqueness of Capvision's services lies in the professional knowledge and insights it provides. Capvision's expert network platform not only provides more opportunities to optimize resource allocation for experts, it also aims to offer clients better services.

Daniel, Head of Research at a hedge fund firm based in the UK, is one of the clients of Capvision, and started working with the firm two years ago. He said, "I needed to learn about internet ads and the healthcare industry in China. Previously my company worked with another global network platform, Capvision's main competitor. Compared to its peer, Capvision has greater reputation in China and works much more efficiently." Daniel also expressed that Capvision made a great difference in his work, and allowed him to speak with extremely knowledgeable consultants. He added, "For long-term investors, Capvision's Expert Network is a great resource because other reports only analyze short-term factors. Capvision can find consultants who are willing to share valuable information that is not available anywhere else, which is very helpful for investment decision making. Capvision's services are great!"

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