Carbonell Olive Oil Takes Fresh Gold in Germany

Win accompanies Gold in Paris, Athens and Platinum in London

NEW YORK, July 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Carbonell, Spain's number one olive oil Brand1, is proud to announce their gold award win in June's annual prestigious DLGTestingCenter award in Frankfurt, Germany (June 30th 2018.)  Spain is the world's leading olive oil producer2 with 70% deriving from Andalusia, southern Spain, the birthplace of Carbonell.


The award represents the highest recognition in the analysis of the sensory quality of foods and beverages; conducted by Germany's internationally renowned DLG TestCenter - responsible for reviewing the quality of over 30,000 products annually.

The flavor of the prestige
The flavor of the prestige

To meet this demand, DLG has developed a scientifically recognized and exacting test methodology, officially certified in accordance with ISO and DIN.

These internationally recognized tests are used in many areas of food quality monitoring; and at the heart of these tests is the analysis of color, appearance, consistency, aroma -- and of course most importantly, taste.

Prestigio is only the best olive oil when it's on the table
Prestigio is only the best olive oil when it's on the table

"The latest award wins highlight the virtue of a long-term strategy and vision that we have had for Carbonell," said Miguel de Jaime Guijarro Chief Commercial Officer from parent company Deoleo.  "We identified multiple opportunities to enhance the credentials of the brand from quality to innovation.  Our focus now, is to clearly communicate these elements to consumers, retailers and stakeholders."

With more than 150 years of history, the brand is now both a cherished and trusted part of Spanish cultural heritage; as well as a currently recognized award winner.

The pattern of the accuracy
The pattern of the accuracy

With 8 awards already in 2018 across its' Prestigio range (and a further 8 awards for the Magna Olivia range), the DLG win in Frankfurt, Germany ensures Carbonell's traditions in dining and hospitality continue to be passed on from one generation to the next.

"An olive oil wins awards because as we make it, we always have in mind the people who will be enjoying it," said Paula Barrocas, Global Quality Director. "Our olive oils aren't made to be kept on the shelf gathering dust, but to stay on the table, helping to create the good moments, the great memories. And when we win these awards, it means the awards are also yours."

The awarded olive oil that gather the people you love the most
The awarded olive oil that gather the people you love the most

It is an olive oil that's meant to be shared among loved ones and dear friends.


1 Source: The Nielsen Company. Value Sales Total Spain - MAT Dec 2017.
2 Manufacturer Brands only Source: IOC 2016-2017 data


Carbonell Magna Oliva & Carbonell Prestigio: International award winners in 2018

These two extra virgin olive oils are made for those special occasions when family and friends are sharing wonderful moments -- and the best flavors.

Carbonell Magna Oliva boasts a wide diversity of flavors and a surprisingly rich aroma profile. The delicate balance between bitterness and pungency means this superb extra virgin olive oil produces a wonderful, long-lasting effect on the palate. It's a flavor as persistent as the fond memories that are created around the dining table every time you and your loved ones get together.

Carbonell Prestigio is the extraordinary result of years of experience coming together to produce a boldly scented 100% extra virgin olive oil. It is intense but pleasant on the palate, with a bitterness and spicy finish that delight the tongue. Without a doubt, this is the ideal addition to any mealtime where loved ones are sharing good moments that will forever be remembered.

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