Carving out a "Silk Road of Dairy" with International Quality - Asia's Giant Dairy Enterprise, Yili Group Makes a Swift Landfall in Southeast Asia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 23, in Jakarta, China's giant dairy enterprise Yili Group held a global launch event for its latest ice cream series - Joyday, and officially announced to enter into Southeast Asian market. Zhang Jianqiu, CEO of Yili Group said at the conference: "By the end of this year, Yili products will spread over 20 cities in Indonesia, and very soon will gradually expand to other Southeast Asian countries."

Invited guests witnessed the global launch of Joyday ice cream in Indonesia.
Invited guests witnessed the global launch of Joyday ice cream in Indonesia.

Indonesia has been Southeast Asia's strongest economy with a population of 264 million, while the total of the entire Southeast Asia's is 625 million. In recent years, Southeast Asian countries have seen rapid development and there is a large market potential. Multinational companies have been competing to open up the Southeast Asian market. Over the past several years China's economic boom has been witnessed across the region, enterprises are quickening the pace to tap into international markets and are trying to deepen cooperation with Southeast Asian countries.

Yili Group has chosen Indonesia as the first station in its Southeast Asia strategy, and it has already registered a wholly-owned subsidiary - Green Asian Food Indonesia Co., Ltd. This will help Yili enter into Southeast Asia and by doing so, Yili will explore a new space for further development. Yili Group has set forth an goal of serving 2 billion global customers, and this is a solid stride as Yili Group moves out in its global strategy. Yili has already entered into Europe, America and Oceania.

A Successful Opening

The dairy products that Yili has brought to the equatorial country have achieved great results. As of today, Yili products can be found in four main cities - Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya and Bandung. According to customers' feedback, this brand has a purer taste, the design is more appealing and the price is rather low.

"Scientific studies have shown that the cool and refreshing taste of ice cream can help relieve pressure and produce a pleasant state of mind. That's why many people who are eating ice cream are brimming with happy smiles. If you want to get into a pleasant state of mind and obtain a better physical status, sweet ice cream will be a good choice," Ayoe Sutomo, a famous Indonesian psychologist said at the conference on October 23.

Zhang Jianqiu, CEO of Yili Group said: "Today, the global launch of Joyday is a milestone, it tells the world that Yili is about to enter into the entire Southeast Asian market. With the nutritious and delicious dairy products, Yili has been endeavoring to carve out a 'Silk Road of Dairy' to share a healthy life with people across the globe. This is not just another strategic move following its ambitious initiatives, like establishing of European Innovation Center, Oceania Production Base and SINO-U.S. Food Wisdom Valley, besides, by tapping into Southeast Asian market, it transfers to the whole world Yili quality, advocates a healthier lifestyle and builds up a bridge of friendship over all continents."

Win-Win Cooperation

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country, occupying half of Southeast Asia's total population, and its market scale is second to none in Southeast Asia. As a food enterprise that comes from China, Yili Group has been making adequate preparations before taking this step. Yili has investigated the market since 2015 and registered a local company in the same year. During the investigation, they started to collect information and comprehend local policies and regulations, and got to know market channels, local food habits and regional culture; in this process, they gradually set up a local team.

More importantly, it's an opportunity created under the background of "Belt and Road" initiative. Since then, Chinese enterprises have been deepening cooperation with Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and Malaysia; science-and-technology enterprises, like Huawei, Alibaba and MI, have expanded in to Southeast Asia; and more and more Southeast Asian enterprises are coming into China too. That's how Yili endeavors to achieve economic win-win. Heads of Southeast Asian states have expressed on various occasions that they believe "Belt and Road" initiative will create more opportunities for both to expand economic cooperation, and it's the common hope to strengthen partnerships, deepen cooperation and enlarge economy and trade investments. Cooperation in agricultural and food areas are an important item of that initiative.

As the Indonesian food market is under strict management and regulation, Yili Group is proud to have met the local regulations and entered the market.

Yili Group's Layout

"Joyday has come into four main cities of Indonesia - Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya and Bandung, and has been well accepted." CEO Zhang Jianqiu says: "Indonesia is this first station in Yili's Southeast Asian strategy. Yili Group hopes to join hands with Indonesia and plan a bigger picture for win-win cooperation!"

Yili Group maintains the undisputable position of No. 1 in Asia. In Yili's global map, Indonesia is undoubtedly a significant site, and an important node among Yili's global layout.

Up to now, Yili Group has established SINO-U.S. Food Wisdom Valley in North America and played a dominant role in the establishment; in New Zealand, Yili set up Oceania Dairy Production Base as part of the "Maritime Silk Road"; in Europe, in association with several famous universities, it has founded the European Innovation Center.

As China's dairy enterprises are expanding and are becoming increasingly influential, to meet the challenge of international markets, Chinese enterprises must take initiatives in international competition, only by doing so can they win over more space for further growth, without doubt, that is exactly what Yili's been trying.

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