Cat Century Launches IP Incubation Pyramid Project, Introducing Chinese Fictions to Global Readers

BEIJING, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Cat Century Media Co., Ltd ("Cat Century"), a pioneer content-based entertainment company, has officially launched its intellectual property (IP) incubation pyramid project ("The Project") at the 24th Beijing International Book Fair. The Project aims to develop a sustainable and healthy eco-system within the entertainment industry and enable cross-border IP incubation to introduce quality Chinese fictions, comics and other content to the global market.

"The current entertainment industry in China has a huge gap in that it lacks a company that can manage the entire process of content monetization, from creation to production through marketing and across multiple forms, such as books, comics, teleplays, movies and games. Established IPs are being over-consumed and new content is not coming out, leading to higher risk for teleplay and movie producers who exploit IP without direct market insight or operation consultancy," said Jingren Cao, president of Cat Century. "As a content-based IP creator that covers the entire supply chain, Cat Century's incubation project will help reduce such risk for investors and producers."

The Project works as an IP incubator that integrates content production, content operation and fan management, using the following process:

  • Content production with talent agents
  • All-in-one production, including publicity, issuing and operation
  • Push strategy within fan groups to target wider audience

First, Cat Century gathers experienced editors in the publishing industry into an agent team to serve authors, forming a collaborative content production eco-system. Agents will help authors in every aspect of writing including plot development, market research, reader preference analysis and style coaching.

Other than merely selling the content, the Project then turns the original ideas into published books and comics, accumulating a reader group for authors and the work through publicity campaigns and fan management.

Cat Century thus generates a new fan pool where experienced consumers are encouraged to help promote new stories within the fan groups. This scenario accomplishes integrated user management, reducing marketing costs while increasing promotion efficiency.

The incubation program is already helping spread Eastern stories across borders. The company's stories selling not only to China but to global markets as well. Its signature female detective novel, The Story of Hairpin, has been published in Vietnam and Thailand, while the science fiction, Jinsha, has received acquisition offers from American publishers.

As one of the best IP creators in China, Cat Century currently owns several IPs including The Story of Hairpin with over 1.96 billion views via its comic adaptation, and its teleplay is in production. Other works include science fiction, such as Zerg:The Call to Minds; romance fiction, Go with the Light and swordsman story, The Lost Country. Later this year, the company will promote its mecha fantasy, Iron Chang'an, and the detective thriller, Breakout to global markets.

"Movies, teleplays, games and derivatives are different forms of IP realization, but the core of each is a story. Cat Century is optimizing the IP operations and marketing processes to enhance and amplify the value to the industry chain. Rather than a IP holder, we prefer to be known as a good story creator." continued Cao. "Our expectation is that by growing the Chinese entertainment market through this incubation project we can create more good stories and realize over RMB 10 billion in IP derivative value within five years."

About Cat Century

Founded in 2015 from a book publisher, Cat Century Media Co., Ltd ("Cat Century") is a leading content-based entertainment company, whose businesses range from publishing, writer agency, animation, comic, film and television production. It owns eight novels that ranked among the top ten in the Chinese online book market and possesses more than 100 renowned IPs.


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