Cathay CineHome: Your Favourite Movies, Delivered

Cathay CineHome: Your Favourite Movies, Delivered
Sheep Without A Sheperd will be available for viewing on Cathay CineHome on launch

[Singapore, 11 September 2020] – Cathay Cineplexes has announced the launch of its over-the-top (OTT) video service Cathay CineHome. 

Visit Cathay CineHome:

Cathay CineHome is the digital extension of the Cathay Cineplexes, a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service for movies in Singapore. Cathay CineHome will screen movies that have recently ended their run in the cinemas, as well as “online” titles, formally known as “straight-to-video” movies. This will give movie lovers greater flexibility on how and when they want to watch their favourite films. 

“The Cathay Cineplexes brand is enduringly linked with Entertainment and Movies in the hearts and minds of Singaporeans. Many people have fond memories of movie outings with family and friends at Cathay Cineplexes. Cathay CineHome is continuing that tradition online,” says mm2 Asia Group CEO, Mr Chang Long Jong. 

The streaming service is conceived as a complementary platform to the cinema exhibition business. It aims to serve movie lovers who may have missed catching their favourite films in the cinemas. It is not uncommon that people were not available to catch the film they wanted to see during its theatrical run. Cathay CineHome aims to create an additional viewing opportunity, by bookending a film’s theatrical run with its streaming service. By combining offline and online entertainment options to movie lovers, Cathay Cineplexes and CineHome will create synergies for both movie distributors and consumers. 

The development of Cathay CineHome was expedited in part by COVID-19, which saw cinemas closed from March to July this year. This allowed the teams at mm2 and Cathay Cineplexes to formulate the future of the movie business and accelerate its long-term plans for digital transformation. 

Cathay CineHome is available for use on most consumer devices, like mobiles, tablets, computers, and available to cast on Smart TVs. There are no membership fees or monthly subscriptions. Movies on Cathay CineHome can be rented digitally for unlimited viewings within 14 days for $7.98 for new titles and $5.98 for library titles. Users can follow Cathay CineHome on Facebook or Instagram to be updated on the latest promotions for Cathay CineHome and Cathay Cineplexes. Cathay CineHome is also available as an app for iOS and Android platforms, with Chromecast and AirPlay capabilities. Download free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

At launch, Cathay CineHome will be offering a selection of twenty local, Asian and international titles, with new titles to be added each week. Titles available on Cathay CineHome in September 2020 include:

Coming Soon:

  •       A Choo (Taiwan)
  •       Impetigore (Indonesia)
  •       In My Heart (Malaysia)
  •       Mr. Zoo (Korea)
  •       Unhinged (USA)

Six titles are complimentary to welcome you on Cathay CineHome.

Complimentary titles are free to watch from 11 to 24 September 2020

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