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Celebrities fight cancer through trading with OctaFX

Celebrities fight cancer through trading with OctaFX

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 14 October 2020 - The results are in! YouTube was home to an innovative new educational series, aptly named "Trading With the Stars." The show paired famous Malaysian figures with OctaFX, the leading broker in Asia, as they tested their Forex trading ability.

The charming cast of characters includes Harris Annuar; Yasmin Hani; fashion influencer, Andre Amir; content creator, Rhys William; and celebrity fitness trainer, Kevin Zahri was tasked with learning the intricacies of trading. Master Trader Gero was tasked with the ambitious responsibility of turning these bloggers and influencers into profitable traders.

The series includes six entertaining episodes where the stars learnt the fundamentals of trading. In each episode, the celebrities infuse their personalities while soaking up as much information as they can to become the top trader. The proceeds from their success went to a Malaysian charity organisation.

The most astonishing part of this optimistic project was that, despite the celebrities' lack of experience, they achieved astounding success and garnered 10,000 USD, with the help of OctaFX. The earnings was eventually donated to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).

The NCSM foundation began in 1966 with the goal of providing hope to those adversely affected by this devastating condition. With October being Cancer Awareness Month, there was no better humanitarian organisation more deserving of the generous 10,000 USD donation.

During the interview the celebrities said, "Based on what we have traded and invested, we are also donating to NCSM as part of our social responsibility."

The "Trading With the Stars" series was a tremendous success, receiving high praise and positive feedback. As the celebrities look back on their efforts, they feel accomplished and ready to tackle their next challenge.

You can learn how to trade like a star with Gero on OctaFX's YouTube Channel in Malaysia.

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