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Celebverse launches VR Apparel Store and Night Club to transform Fashion and Entertainment

DUBAI, Feb 7, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - With the official launch of its Apparel Store and Night Club in Virtual Reality (VR), Celebverse, the first and only virtual world dedicated to "Adam & Eve," an original human couple and parents of the human race, is poised to revolutionize the global fashion and entertainment industries. With its assistance, anyone can become a native of the state-owned digital city that serves as a hub for international celebrities, brands, and users.

Celebverse is a first of its kind celeb centric virtual world with a community of 24 virtual celebrities where users can have exclusive experience to their cities, concerts, studios, events, gigs, fashion show, merchandise, stores and much more.

Celebverse provides a one-of-a-kind chance to investigate the virtual world's potential thanks to a strategic partnership and established regulatory framework. One hundred virtual and physical plots of land in Celebverse have been reserved exclusively for famous people worldwide. Users have access to "celeb cities," "celeb studios," "celeb events," "celeb gigs," "celeb fashion shows," "celeb stores," "Q&A sessions" "Virtual meet & greet'' and much more. At the same time, Celebverse is embracing a society where people of renown from every walk of life - athletes, musicians, authors, designers etc.

In Celebverse, through a virtual fitting room, Apparel Store will help customers to try on garments for all sizes, fits, colors and styles as per their Avatar. Customers will be empowered to make more informed purchasing decisions as the concept is powered by AI. Brands will offer the solution's complete capabilities or incorporate stand-alone try-on size and fit recommendations. The technology will adjust textures to fit the body type to ensure realistic results with a seamless transition between virtual channels & the metaverse will increase user confidence and engagement & develop new sales channels with the virtual fashion store.

Similarly, Night Clubs have a 360-degree video dance floor and will allow users to customize the ambiance per their requirements. Sound, Music, and Lights can be adjusted per the user's taste and have the best experience.

A virtual reality version of an apparel store and a nightclub aims to excite users who will have access to more robust, trustworthy, and transparent smart audit contracts powered by the Binance Blockchain. Celebverse users will be offered tools to realize their creative potential and seize emerging market niches.

Celebverse is a Metaverse that's backed by real-world land, connecting virtual reality with reality. The sky-high interest in Web 3 is only getting bigger over time, and virtual economies will be an essential part of it. Celebverse will have a virtual economy connecting gaming, events, parties, and much more.

With its celebrity-driven network, unique investment opportunities, thriving economy, and NFT ecosystem, Celebverse is poised to become the Metaverse of the future.

The digital land that is backed by real-world land creates a unique and secure investment opportunity, while the celebrity-driven network and NFT ecosystem provide endless possibilities for interaction and engagement within the virtual world.

About Celebverse

Celebverse is a first-of-its-kind celeb-centric virtual world where users can have the exclusive experience of celeb cities, concerts, studios, events, gigs, fashion shows, merchandise, stores, and much more. While giving the freedom to build their own spaces, Celebverse also utilizes its tech expertise to create complete solutions for businesses looking to grow in the virtual environment. For more information, please visit us at https://celebverse, and connect with us on:

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