Central Crypto and Huobi launch Huobi School of Business Hong Kong (huobischool.io), New Initiative in Quantitative Crypto-trading

HONG KONG, May 22, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - As the digital assets becoming increasingly relevant, many cryptocurrency exchange executives and quantitative financial experts said in a cryptotrading summit on May 19, crypto trading is a better application for quantitative techniques, but the investors are calling for more integrated source of information for further education.

At this conference, seasoned quants and crypto trading experts, including Huobi Vice President Huo Li, Huobi Vice President Lan Jianzhong, Keywin Captial CEO Li Tian, Huobi School of Business Hong Kong cofounder William Bu and Hyde Li, offered analysis in the blockchain projects and crypto market to over 300 financial professionals in Hong Kong, the Asia financial center.

The discourse continues on a large scale. Central Crypto and Huobi founded Huobi School of Business (Hong Kong) (huobischool.io). Powered by global think tanks, the school facilitates communication and consultation on digital assets management and trading and blockchain projects studies.

According to the market information, global volume in cryptocurrency markets has passed $50 billion, close to the average trading volume on New York Stock Exchange. As of last December, Huobi's accumulated trading volume reached $850 billion.

Geographically, Huobi considers that Hong Kong holds strategic importance, as the financial center is densely packed with active traders and financial talents. Under this backdrop, the school of business emerged, to propel and guide the blockchain industry and crypto market developments. Based in Hong kong, the school is aiming at radiating impact worldwide.

Around 1 PM, executives and senior managers from Huobi and Central Crypto partook in the inauguration addressed to Huobi School of Business Hong Kong (huobischool.io). Huobi Vice President Huo Li, Huobi Vice President Lan Jianzhong, Founder of Central Cypto, Co-founder of Huobi School of Business HK, William Bu, Central Crypto Co-founder, Secretary General of Huobi School of Business Li Bei, together with Chief Economist of Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application Yan Si held the kick-off ceremony.

The newly founded school (huobischool.io) tailors to cultivate cryptocurrency trading experts and financial professionals. It tackles the technical and strategy issues of crypto trading, and provides analytical training and consultation on crypto trading opportunities using quantitative techniques.

In his opening speech, Huobi Vice President Huo Li said, "As a forerunner in the digital assets trading service industry, Huobi has gone through 5 year since its starting point ... Our only partner in Hong Kong, Central Crypto, prepared such a fantastic event in less than 10 days."

Later he introduced Huobi Pro's business line, in aspects such as history, customers, industries and future trends. Li said that he hopes the attendees to use the school of business as a networking platform, to reach out and connect, on the journey entering the doorstep of digital currency.

Immediately after, Huobi School of Business HK co-founder William Bu said in his speech, "I think the future is here. We have entered a point of history where the finance industry transform from the traditional to crypto and digital." He encouraged the attendees to embrace cryptocurrency, get trained and involved in the new era of crypto finance.

Hyde Li, the Secretary General of Huobi School of Business mentioned that, soon, the school will establish a global association of professional blockchain investors -- Chartered Blockchain Analyst.

"Together we build the golden standard for the blockchain and cryptotrading industry; a brand serving as a role model," said Hyde Li. "Huobi School of Business Hongkong offers a communication platform for people in the global finance fields, and training programme to bring our blockchain experts. Our aspiration is to become the flagship in blockchain and crypto industry and guide the industry to move forward in an orderly and healthy manner."

Lan Jianzhong, Huobi Vice President, introduced Huobi quantitative cryptotrading services and shared investment strategies, where he mentioned several aspects of quantitative trading -- arbitrage, market making, and trend prediction. He presented the market trends with data, and introduced Huobi API and its best applied scenario.

Coming next, Huobi Marketing Director Yu Xiaomeng said, "Central Crypto is our crucial strategic partner in Huobi's global map. They are our only partner exclusively in Hongkong."

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