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Ceremony of 'Quam IR Awards 2017' Successfully Held

Ceremony of 'Quam IR Awards 2017' Successfully Held
Management of Tonghai Financial Group, including Mr. Richard Winter, Senior Advisor of Tonghai Financial Group (seventh from left), Mr. Chris Wu, Chief Financial Officer of Tonghai Financial Group, (sixth from left), Mr. Army Yan, Chief Investment Officer of Tonghai Financial Group, (sixth from right), took picture together with award presenters and representatives of awarded companies.
In recognition of excellence of 15 listed companies, widely supported by the business community and media of Hong Kong and China

HONG KONG, Jun 4, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - The award presentation ceremony of Quam IR Awards 2017 (QIRA) successfully took place on 30 May, 2018 at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Eminent representatives of listed companies from different sectors supported the event, sharing the valuable experience in Investor Relations achievements. The event was widely supported by the business community and elites of different industry, creating an unprecedentedly grand occasion.

Quam IR Awards steps into its third year, recognizing excellence in Investor Relations
Quam IR Awards was established in 2016. In the past three years, it dedicated to honoring models of practice and leadership in Investor Relations (IR) among the listed companies in the Asia Pacific region. Winners have been devoted in upholding transparent communications between companies and stakeholders throughout 2017. The Quam IR Awards serves as the well-recognized testimonials to the winners' excellence, which can help bring accreditation and prestige to the winning companies and their remarkable achievement in the area of IR among shareholders, institutional investors, equity research analysts and financial media.

Awarded companies in Quam IR Awards 2017 come from various categories, ranging from Hang Seng Index Constituents, Main Board and First Year After Listing companies, representing multi-national enterprises to local companies. A total of 15 awards were presented, the winners include Bank of China Limited, Bar Pacific Group Holdings Limited, Carnival Group International Holdings Limited, China LotSynergy Holdings Limited, China Resources Power Holdings Company Limited, Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited, Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited, Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited, Hengan International Group Company Limited, Huazhang Technology Holding Limited, Li & Fung Limited, New World Development Company Limited, Plover Bay Technologies Limited, Shui On Land Limited and Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust. Among the awarded companies, Bank of China Limited, Li & Fung Limited, New World Development Company Limited and Shui On Land Limited have been awarded continuously for three years.

Business elites and figures supported the event
At the ceremony, Mr. Army Yan, Chief Investment Officer of Tonghai Financial Group, said "awarded companies demonstrate the multiplicity, dynamics, outstanding corporate governance and culture of the business community of Hong Kong. Together with these important elements, it enhances Hong Kong's status as International Financial Center, meanwhile, it brings additional economic activities to the capital markets." Mr. Chris Wu, Chief Financial Officer of Tonghai Financial Group, said "we are happy to meet some old friends this year again, and we warmly welcome new friends to the Awards. Your determination in upholding high standards of corporate governance will be role models of other listed companies. As Hong Kong's listing regime enters its new era, we look forward to seeing a more diversified development, with innovation and dynamics, in the exchange markets of Hong Kong."

Oceanwide IR was honored to invite Mr. Anthony Fan, President of The Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Director Association; Mr. Stephen Ho, Chief Executive of Society of Registered Financial Planners; Mr. Jerry Hu, Chairman of Federation Economic and Commerce of Hong Kong; Ms. Lee Sai Yin Jeanne, JP, Chairman of the Hong Kong Securities Professionals Association; Dr. Christopher To, Deputy Chairman of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors, as our guests of honor to witness the glorification of the listed companies demonstrated IR excellence.

Mr. Anthony Fan said, "investors relations play a vital role in the success and growth of a company, business community has been paying more attention to the work of investor relations throughout the years. The Awards is set out to raise awareness of outstanding investors relations of listed companies in Hong Kong, setting a standard in the recognition of excellent performance on information disclosure and corporate development." Mr. Stephen Ho said investors are eager to find value in financial reports and statements, the awarded companies this year have demonstrated excellent incorporation of financial information, corporate development and sustainable development. While providing all-rounded information for investors and the public, it certainly upholds the transparency of the company and the business environment.

Mr. Jerry Hu is glad to witness the awarded companies this year are dedicated to enhancing excellent enterprise reputation and credibility through all-rounded investor relations services, providing timely and updated information, great interaction with investors and promoting healthy corporate culture.

Ms. Lee Sai Yin Jeanne, JP said awarded companies strived to deliver exceptional investor relations practices and commitment to the investors and shareholders, channeling appropriate financial reporting, market disclosures and information in a professional manner. The contributions were remarkable and extraordinary.

Dr. Christopher To stated that, despite the ever-changing business environment, the awarded companies this year have strived to serve the interests of their organizations and shareholders. Management and IR professionals have been engaging with shareholders in different ways with effective communication and conscious effort.

Unfailing support from media & sponsors
Apart from the support of notable guests, the award presentation ceremony attracted numerous media and sponsors in Hong Kong and China. Our supporting media partners include Metro Daily, The Standard,, FX678, OTCbeta, PEdaily, p5w, and SLTopnews. Besides, several companies supported QIRA by offering products & prize sponsorship, namely FX Creations International Limited, Impact Originals, Canon Hongkong Company Limited, HKTaxi App, Catalo and Tsit Wing Coffee.

Key to success of winning listed companies

BOC enhances communication with investors from China and Hong Kong
Mr. Tommy Mok, Senior IR Manager of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, stated that Bank of China Limited as the A+H dual listed company, has long been upholding the close interaction with investors from China and Hong Kong. In the past year, the company has been introducing the strategy and business development to overseas investors through various IR activities, meanwhile it has been utilizing different channels, enabling investors to obtain the latest information and it is widely recognized. In the future, the company will be accelerating and persevering in the communication with investors.

Cosmos Machinery builds relationships with different channels
Mr. Freeman Tang, Executive Director & CEO of Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited, stated that the company was founded in 1958. After half a century's development, Cosmos' business has diversified rapidly and now covers different areas. Cosmos Machinery develops its own expertise in construction and application, strives to become an innovative and responsive enterprise and thus creates greater values for stakeholders. Celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2018, Cosmos Machinery, to keep abreast of times, is determined to implement digitalization, transformation and integration, automation in manufacturing. Meanwhile it will enhance communication with shareholders and investment community to uphold outstanding corporate governance.

Dah Chong Hong values Investor Relations
Ms Gwen Walters, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited, shared "This year, we committed a great deal of effort towards enhancing our IR to better engage our investors through roadshows, meetings and even company visits. Furthermore, we also enhanced our reporting of ESG practices to better share our commitment to build sustainable value for shareholders towards the investment community."

Hengan International actively communicates with markets
Mr. Martin Li, Executive Director & Deputy CFO of Hengan International Group Company Limited, stated that Hengan Group implemented the nation-wide operating model "small sales team" in recent years and successfully vitalized the sales network. Apart from sufficient information disclosures, Hengan's professional IR team strengthens communication and interaction with investors, elevates transparency in diversified ways of communication. Hengan will keep actively communicating with the market, ensuring latest development is delivered to the market by ensuring the interaction between investors and shareholders.

Huazhang strives to uphold the transparency
Mr. Zhu Gen Rong, Chairman of Huazhang Technology, said, "We are delighted that the Group has received this award , which is a kind of recognition of the Company's outstanding performance in investor relations . Looking forward, we will continue to improve corporate transparency and consolidate investors' confidence in us . We will also explore creative formats to disclose information, so that our investors better understand and receive up to date information about the Group's updates . The Group will make efforts to improve our investor relations, with synergies from business development, to maximize shareholders' return."

New World Development creates values with the Artisanal Movement
Mr. Aldous Chiu, General Manager-Strategy and Investor Relations of New World Development Company Limited, described NWD as the premium brand infused with a unique personality defined by The Artisanal Movement. The Group endeavors to maintain a high standard of corporate disclosures in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements and believes that delivery of clear messages regarding the group's strategy, business development and prospect will enhance and create value for stakeholders.

The list of awardees for Quam IR Awards 2017 (in alphabetical order of company name):

Company Name Award - Category
1. Bank of China Limited (Stock Code: 3988) - Hong Kong Index Constituents(Hang Seng Index) Category
2. Bar Pacific Group Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8432) - First Year After Listing Category
3. Carnival Group International Holdings Limited(Stock Code: 996) - Main Board Category
4. China LotSynergy Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1371) - Main Board Category
5. China Resources Power Holdings Company Limited (Stock Code: 836) - Hong Kong Index Constituents (Hang Seng Index) Category
6. Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited (Stock Code: 118) - Main Board Category
7. Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1828) - Main Board Category
8. Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1788) - Main Board Category
9. Hengan International Group Company Limited (Stock Code: 1044) - Hong Kong Index Constituents (Hang Seng Index) Category
10. Huazhang Technology Holding Limited (Stock Code: 1673) - Main Board Category
11. Li & Fung Limited (Stock Code: 494) - Main Board Category
12. New World Development Company Limited (Stock Code: 17) - Hong Kong Index Constituents (Hang Seng Index) Category
13. Plover Bay Technologies Limited (Stock Code: 1523) - Main Board Category
14. Shui On Land Limited (Stock Code: 272) - Main Board Category
15. Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust (Stock Code: 405) - Main Board Category

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