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CES 2021 Car accessories company Carkit AI creates Roxie - CarPool Karaoke in a Box

CES 2021 Car accessories company Carkit AI creates Roxie - CarPool Karaoke in a Box

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Your next carpool Karaoke will sound just like those celebrity carpool jams with Carkit AI's latest product called Roxie, a plug and play car karaoke station for your car. Roxie allows everyone in your car to sing along hands-free to their favorite tunes with professional sound effects.

Roxie is a compact size Bluetooth and FM pod that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and pairs with your phone and car stereo. It comes with a proprietary and specially designed extended range microphone that allows you and your front and rear seat passengers to sing hands-free to your favorite tunes.

Roxie features a built-in KTV DJ that helps select your music and acts as a voice assistant along with Siri and OK Google to help manage your iPhone or Android smartphone.

"Everyone loves music and music is one of the essences of life. When we commute in our car, we listen to music and we often sing along to our favorite tunes. Roxie transforms your car into a mobile karaoke room where you and your passengers can sing to their favorite songs and have loads of fun," said Carkit AI CEO Jaffrey Wu.

Grab a microphone and sing like a pro

The microphone which is bundled with the standard kit, or sold separately, is designed to capture vocals from all passengers in the car, and reduce feedback sound from car's speakers. It also features high sensitivity and high performance with extended range as well as allowing hands-free singing.

Roxie features specially tuned built-in professional karaoke sing-a-long processor chip with vocal effects and mixer combined with a proprietary and specially designed high performance, extended range microphone, you and your passengers can enjoy bonding moments singing your favorite karaoke soundtracks. It even comes with a pitch shifter that allows you to lower or increase the pitch of the music so that you can sing comfortably within your vocal range.

Fun & Safe. Voice-controlled KTV DJ can now be at your car

To make your journey safe, Roxie is your very own voice enabled Karaoke DJ that helps you select songs and navigate to your music playlist while keeping your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. Roxie is ultra-responsive and allows you to speak commands without pausing or waiting for an acknowledgment beep. Simply say "OK Roxie" to get to your favorite song. You can also interrupt Roxie anytime and give a new command. We designed Roxie to behave as natural and human as possible. Roxie is truly intuitive.

Experience 3D surround sound and handy plug & play on smartphone

For that perfect professional performance, you can tune your Roxie to simulate any environment from large concert halls, to movie theatres, cathedrals with 3D surround sound. 3D surround sound even works with your standard music even when you are not singing.

Roxie is designed to work out-of-the-box. It plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and pairs with either your iPhone or Android phone and your car stereo. It works with every music player app such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tune in, YouTube and many more so that you can enjoy singing to any song you find on your music player from the latest billboard hits to the easy listening evergreens.

Goal of bringing people together

Having seen how the current smartphone has revolutionized communications, media consumption and bringing people closer, we have also witnessed ironically our friends and family moving further apart. The oxymoron of our new social structure created from this revolution is mind-boggling and disruptive.

"Within the context of the new world we live in, some of our personal goals and values are to create products that bring people closer and build bridges with the ones we love," said Wu.

Jeffrey Wu is a major engineering tech geek having worked for Realtek, Mediatek and Ralink for a decade specializing in DVD/BD/V/AP router products. He graduated from NCTU as a Control Engineer and obtained his master degree from NCTU as an Electrical Control Engineer.

Eric Chung, Carkit AI CTO, has been developing hardware and firmware for more than 30 years. He is in charge of not only HW and FW architectures, but also designing PCB, system verification, mass production and programming code in several languages (assembler, C, labview, etc.). He also joined many electronic-consumer projects (mostly based on multimedia, IoT).

Benson Wang is an experienced Software engineer, Software Architecture and Software planning. He specialized in consumer electrical product design and combined it with AI-based services to provide a whole new experience to users.

The innovative carpool karaoke developed by Carkit AI has made them selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion:

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