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CES 2021 Influenxio's data analysis strategy is revolutionizing the influencer marketing world

CES 2021 Influenxio's data analysis strategy is revolutionizing the influencer marketing world

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Influencer marketing has become key to businesses conducting product marketing and brand exposure campaigns. The significance of influencer marketing is the ability to influence target audiences' thoughts and behaviors through the reputation and communication of influencers with followers. 

Believing in the influence potential of every individual, Influenxio has created a social media marketing platform that is leading the Asia market. Instead of the mega-influencer or macro- influencer, Influenxio focuses on collaborating with micro-influencer on its platform. Although micro-influencers may have smaller numbers of followers, they are proven to have greater potential to strengthen engagement, especially toward a specific group of followers with common interests. Long-term engagement with followers creates stronger bonds and trust toward linked brands, creates more effective media exposure, and increases business opportunities.

Leveraging data science to maximize influential results.

Influenxio closely observed the social media marketing ecosystem and found out that consistent product exposure is the most efficient model to create mindshare among consumers. This model was also found to be the most effective for small to medium size businesses. The team uses innovative data analytics to create a one-stop-shop style platform, matching businesses to micro-influencers to create marketing results through word-of-mouth. The system analyzes collective data to suggest a selected group of micro-influencers that are best suited to creating the most value for a business. Businesses are only required to provide product experience to the 3 selected creators each month to release via social media posts, and then they obtain the right to utilize all of the content published through Influenxio.

Influenxio's data analytics is not only capable of grouping creators by active locations, age group, content styles, and so on, but also of determining the authenticity of the creators'' followers using engagement activity rates and assessing whether their followers are organic or artificially boosted. The platform is thoroughly designed, with communications, payment, and all the execution processes fully automated. Moreover, the platform creates programs tailored to customer's specific requirements such as macro-influencer exposure and short-term exposure boosts.

Influenxio is making influencer marketing much easier and efficient.

Founded in 2018, Influenxio has found the key to effective media exposure through market research and analysis. This innovative platform plays a crucial role in helping both micro-influencers and businesses simplify the process of collaboration and maximize exposure effectiveness. The platform has accumulated 200,000 micro-influencers across Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia, more than 1,000 business testimonials, and over 10,000 cases of creative content, with an average interactivity rate of 7%.

The success of the platform creates a win-win situation for both creators and business owners. Influenxio has also collaborated with other innovative startups to provide services that benefit the larger community of creators and businesses.

Now a part of the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) program, Influenxio is expanding its platform to create more positive impacts on the influencer marketing world. Influenxio was selected by TTA as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups showcased at CES 2021.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion:

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