CFun Announces Global Collaboratively Generated Content (CoGC) Platform Based on Blockchain at QTUM Tokyo 2017

SINGAPORE, Nov. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CFun (, China's largest collaboratively generated content (CoGC) platform, has officially announced to build their platform based on Qtum Blockchain. CFun will attend the Qtum Kickoff Meetup this Friday and keynote about the CFun Project and the circulation model of CFun tokens.

Launched in 2015, CFun has become the largest collaboratively generated content platform in China where platform can collaboratively work and create content together. To date, CFun have over 210,000 writers, 60,000 creator communities and over 5,000 new stories produced every month. 

"I am a loyal user of CFun," said Jessi Ge, current core member of CFun project team. "I think language is just a vehicle of communication, but through language we can express thoughts and beliefs, and attitudes towards life."

"Our content creators are very loyal to other content creators," says Dennis Jia, CFun CEO and Founder. "Together, we have created a unique platform where multiple content creators can collaborate together and create great works."

CFun users spend on average 80 minutes creating works that contain over 200 million words.  With the boom of the content economy, content monetization is vital.  However, it is sometimes hard for creators, especially grass-root creators. On the other hand, characterized by strong creative ideas, low cost and ties with young people, CoGC content perfectly meets the requirements of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Due to limitations of using multiple participants, large quantities of CoGC transactions cannot be used through traditional Internet technologies.

The new CFun platform will be built with a view to establishing a global co-creation ecosystem, aiming to generate individual creativity. Based on Qtum Blockchain, a global public blockchain, CFun is going to develop a DApp (Decentralized Application), for recording the works of the author, while also acquiring useful user behavior data.

Using accurate user behavior data, CFun plans to use its exclusive patented algorithm to match IP with buyers, calculate each creator's contributions in a complete IP transaction with a Smart Contract. CFun aims to make IP creation an enjoyable activity part of everyone's daily life and at the same time, facilitate real-time IP transactions globally.

For example, by integrating blockchain, multiple creators can collaboratively create a drama or story, and aim to sell the work to some eventual IP buyer. Simultaneously, CFun will be able to timely record all creation logs with both authorship and fans activity data onto blockchains, so the data can be traced, confirmed and audited in the future. 

"CFun strives to build a world class platform that offers transparency and trust to our 210,000 users," says Jia. "The key is to protect our content creators' IP and build an ecosystem that encourages collaboration and creativity."

CFun's first stop of their roadshow is set to be held in Tokyo on November 10th - more roadshows will be held successively on a global scale. 

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