Championing China's Online Video Market in 2017, Tencent Video Announces Business Plan of 2018

"Enjoy Great Moments – 2018 Tencent Video Conference" Was Held in Beijing

BEIJING, Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- "2018 Tencent Video Conference" was held today in Beijing. Under the slogan of "Enjoy Great Moments," Tencent Video not only announced the significant achievements of record numbers, including the number of users, user viscosity and the number of paid users in 2017, which validated its leadership in China's online streaming market, but also shared the Tencent Video 2018 plan with regards to content, marketing and product technology. Tencent Video also shared major market trends of online video industry based on big data analysis from Tencent digital platform.

Meanwhile, through teaser trailers and appearances by famous actors, consumers got a preview of high-quality content from Tencent Video's feature programming, big IP derivative content products, variety shows, cartoons, documentary films and more, confirming its unparalleled library of programs as the largest online video media platform in China.

"We have held the Tencent Video Conference in last five years, alongside with the high-speed development of China's video industry," said Thirty Sun, vice president of Tencent and CEO of Tencent Penguin Pictures. "Now I am very glad that high-quality, critically acclaimed, widely-viewed premium content has become the core of our value to support the further development of the industry."

Tencent leads China's video industry in 2017

In 2017, Tencent Video continues to increase investment in content, especially home-made content, to curate and create high-quality IP. A series of high quality self-produced TV programs and variety shows promoted by Tencent attracted wide attention and received excellent viewer reviews this year.

Last month, Tencent Video announced that its paid users had reached 43 million as of September 28, 2017, which marked Tencent Video's No. 1 position in the market. Comparing with the number announced at last year's Tencent Video annual conference which was 20 million, it presented a YoY growth of 115% that inspires the imagination of what that number would be by the end of this year based on such great velocity of increase.   

Tencent Video will focus on content, marketing and technology in 2018

Tencent Video announced its 2018 business plan to reinforce its No.1 position in the market. Focusing on content storage, brand marketing and product technology, Tencent will devote to high-quality and innovative content for the young generation, enrich its marketing solutions, expand its content value chain, whilst consolidate its product technology capacity and improve short videos and UGC products.

During the conference, Tencent Video showcased upcoming feature projects for 2018. For television programs, Tencent Video announced the third installment of the highly-praised Candle in the Tomb series. More high-quality, topically diverse and star-studded import programs will be expected on Tencent Video in 2018, apart from the second season of The Coming One, which already received 4 billion views in its first season, Tencent Video is accelerating into reality TV to broaden its appeal to younger viewers. Tencent Video also plans big in documentaries, not only bringing in high-quality content, but also investing in production, such as BBC's Blue Planet II. Comics and animation, live music streaming, children's programs and fashion are also among the many strategic projects for Tencent in 2018.

Tencent Video gave advertisers and marketers a look at six marketing cooperation scenarios surrounding Tencent IP content, two commercial scenarios based on the large numbers of paying members for Tencent Video. Presentations also showed how video advertisements may help advertisers to identify user profiles and consumption habits, efficiently finding target customers and sending more accurate content to target groups, so as to optimize marketing resource allocation.

Tencent shared major trends in China's video industry

Based on analysis of data collected on its own platform, Tencent Video shared key trends of China's online video industry at the conference, such as the rise of paid content and user interactivity, and shed light on current user activity and habits, content growth patterns, and effective marketing models.

"Excellent content is the soul that lets video become a deeper part of each user's personal world, entertaining them and provoking their thoughts and feelings. This is the meaning behind video content, and is also the greatest value that the video industry brings to its users," said Thirty Sun. "Nowadays, well-produced, publicly acclaimed and popular content is becoming the core competitiveness of the Chinese video industry. This is the core value that Tencent Video Platform will continue to promote and uphold."

About Tencent

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