Change Scenery with a Gourmet Foodie Workation at Regent Taipei

Enjoy a 12 Hour Stay with a Free Surf & Turf Set

TAIPEI, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Workation has become a rising global trend during this pandemic; therefore, Regent Taipei has tapped into this trend and launched a new Gourmet Foodie Workation. From now until July 31st, with a starting price of $3,680 NTD, enjoy a 12-hour workation at the Superior Room with room service delivery of the highly praised, Thick Cut U.S. Rib Eye Roast Beef & Lobster Set Menu (for two), that is worth $3,680 NTD.

Change Scenery with a Gourmet Foodie Workation at Regent Taipei
Change Scenery with a Gourmet Foodie Workation at Regent Taipei

Many professionals have normalized the "work from home" lifestyle, and while working amongst the home comforts has its joy, the separation between work and personal life has also increasingly become nonexistent. This is where workation comes into play. "Workation'' is a portmanteau between "work" and "vacation" where it is similar to a vacation, but with one important caveat: Guests take work along with them. The concept is to change the scenery and enjoy a vacation while working remotely, and most importantly, taking the time to rest and unwind in hopes of being more productive. 

For guests seeking a change of scenery or changing up their routine life, Regent Taipei is the perfect workation spot. With a quiet and comfortable guest room access for 12 hours – from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM – guests can enjoy working with an urban city view. Spend an additional $800 NTD to enjoy an overnight stay until the next morning 11:00 AM. Peacefully work in a luxurious five-star room and enjoy a popular takeaway selection from Regent Taipei's Take Regent Home online ordering platform, the Surf & Turf Set Menu (for 2). This set includes a tender 16-ounce Thick Cut U.S. Rib Eye Roast Beef with a whole oven-baked Boston Lobster paired with seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, two chef's specialty soups, and two Caesar salads; creating a luxurious land and sea gourmet feast after a hard-working day. Enjoy a splendid Gourmet Foodie Workation with a gourmet feast with Regent Taipei. 

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Silks Group Introduction:

Founded in 1990, Silks Hotel Group (the former FIH Regent Group) is one of the top Asia-based hotel management companies as well as the largest and most profitable hotel group listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The Group currently owns and operates the international luxury hotel Regent Taipei and five diverse hotel brands: the cultural luxury lifestyle hotel brand Silks Place; the hot spring resort Wellspring by Silks; the art and design focused boutique Silks Club; the crossover urban resort Silks X; and the midscale stylish hotel chain Just Sleep.

In addition to hotel business, Silks Hotel Group also expands its footprint in the Food and Beverage and Fast Food industry, operating restaurants in the Taiwan National Palace Museum and other renowned attractions.

In 2010, the Group acquired Regent International Hotels and successively expanded into Montenegro and Chongqing, China, each set a new international benchmark for luxury hotels. In 2018, the Group has formalized a partnership agreement with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) for Regent's international expansion, shifting the Group's focus back to the development and operations of the Regent brand in Taiwan as well as the global expansion of the five hotel brands.

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