Changsha IFS creates iGO, the first MR shopping navigator in China, to open smart shopping with one click

CHANGSHA, China, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Known as the Central China commercial flagship, Changsha IFS brought iGO, the first MR (Mixed Reality) shopping navigator in China, which has attracted the attention of the public and industry partners. As a key move for Changsha IFS to build the first 5G-enabled commercial complex in China, iGO has combined "5G network + AR intelligent technology + commercial shopping", and satisfied customers' wild fantasies about business ecosystem and even future life by providing a new intelligent and immersive shopping experience.

China's first MR shopping navigator is launched by Changsha IFS
China's first MR shopping navigator is launched by Changsha IFS

In the era of digital acceleration and increased importance of sensory experience, Changsha IFS boasts accurate grasp of cutting-edge technology and keen insight into consumer trends, driving acceleration of future business scenarios. It promotes the comprehensive upgrading of consumer experience and the sustained spurt of the science and technology and commercial market potential.

Convenient one-click experience on WeChat opens a new realm of "smart" shopping

iGO, a lightweight, convenient and intelligent system, creates a full score user experience. Customers only need to access the official WeChat of Changsha IFS to start the experience with one click, without downloading another app.

Thanks to the intelligent analysis on the surrounding environment through the mobile phone camera, iGO can identify the location in the shopping mall accurately. All arrow direction signs, merchant introduction, and even marketing information can be visualized and displayed on the mobile phone screen in real time through interactive effects. In this way, with the help of indoor navigation with meter-level accuracy and intelligent real-time information push, iGO has become the "key to the door" to solve the indoor labyrinth problem, and more perfectly overcome the defects of the ordinary navigation system, including failure to achieve indoor positioning.

With iGO as lead-in point, Changsha IFS has taken the lead in opening the road of exploring the innovation of science & technology and intelligent business model in the industry, further enabling the digital transformation of retail industry.

Seamless connection of B and C ends, with the ultimate personalized experience to enable merchant marketing

With the acceleration of consumption upgrading, a qualitative leap shall be achieved from the shopping experience to attract more consumers to stay and explore. With this goal, Changsha IFS provides the ultimate personalized experience. iGO is seamlessly connected with the CRM system, so that the customer behavior, hot spots, consumption preferences and usage may be intelligently analyzed by collecting real-time data. Therefore, while using the navigation function, customers can also track the new product information and discounts of their desired brands in real time on their mobile phones, making shopping experience more convenient and efficient.

For merchants, iGO is born online and offline, and the real-time interaction between B and C ends builds a bridge of connection, bringing more possibilities of potential consumption. By virtue of iGO, merchants of Changsha IFS can display in real time the store information, new product details, and flash sale information through such windows as "Time-limited Promotion" and "Store Discounts", thus guiding customers to different areas of the shopping mall in a subtle way, and extending customers' time of stay at the merchants. In addition, the privileges gained when registered to be a member of THE TOP CLUB have facilitated new member recruitment and boost new purchasing opportunities.

In recent years, Changsha IFS has been looking for a breakthrough in general resemblance with unique vision. Characterized by the mix of emerging technologies and business marketing, this personalized shopping experience is also Changsha IFS's long-term strategy based on the future business ecosystem, aiming to lead the industry to achieve a larger audience, target market and profit space.

Customers can redeem online discounts or benefits offline
Customers can redeem online discounts or benefits offline

Reshaping the future relationship among people, goods and shopping malls

Breaking the "Dimension Wall" between science fiction and reality is the eternal focus in the ever-rising imagination. Building on the basic functions of store navigation and information presentation, iGO has integrated with interactive treasure-hunting games. Customers feel as if they were in the game world. By capturing virtual items in the live-action of Changsha IFS, they can randomly get themed-gifts or merchant coupons, which makes shopping experience full of surprise.

Providing interesting interaction and motivating customers and friends to experience and communicate, iGO has created valuable shopping needs, prolonged customers' stay and thus stimulated the traffic growth, and created more purchasing opportunities. Driven by the retail industry leaders like Changsha IFS, the relationship among people, goods and shopping malls in the future will no longer be a simple one of selling and buying, but further evolve into a relationship of multiple interactions and complementarities.

Interactive games are possible with iGO
Interactive games are possible with iGO

Now, the MR shopping navigator has for the first time become a reality, and the blueprint of future life is becoming clear. As the first 5G-enabled commercial complex in China, Changsha IFS will continue to explore the way of science and technology enablement, lead the industry partners to build the shopping mall into a social space with great vitality, humanity and a sense of future, boost the digital intelligent innovation of commercial complex and create constantly evolving and rich experience for customers.