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"Chateau School Online" Officially Launched

"Chateau School Online" Officially Launched

TOKYO, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Chateau School launched "Chateau School Online" from November 27.

Chateau School is an international, multilingual school for children from ages zero to six in Tokyo. Opened in 2011, the school grew by devoted families from art, fashion, music, entertainment, technology, etc. and became an institution for world-famous families of creative industries.


The name "Chateau" refers to a "powerhouse" where children collect inspiration and polish individual values and creativity.

Chateau School has developed an exclusive "World Diplomacy Program" which is a full-year curriculum to explore over 110 countries in 9 months across the globe.

Chateau School Online offers its signature World Diplomacy Program from an iPad, handphone or computer. Children can experience Chateau School in a new way.

Learn about a country's overview on Monday, music and dances on Tuesday, arts and crafts on Wednesday, cooking on Thursday and national sports and games on Friday. In the future, the program plans to upgrade with more features.

Chateau School Online creates an opportunity for global citizens to learn the in-depth cultural values of worldwide countries from an early age.

Please note that this is a soft launch. Updates will bring more countries and content to explore. The school hopes citizens will check the app and start learning about the world with their children from home.

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