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CHEERS Telepathy Elevates to AI Marketing Tool for Creative Content Across the Value Chain

CHEERS Telepathy Elevates to AI Marketing Tool for Creative Content Across the Value Chain

BEIJING, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Cheer Holding, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHR) ("Cheer Holding," or the "Company"), a leading provider of advanced mobile internet infrastructure and platform services, today announced that CHEERS Telepathy has been successfully launched on the iOS and Android app stores, as well as on the WeChat mini-program platform. Since obtaining all relevant regulatory approval, the multimodal artificial intelligence content creation platform ( has emerged as a comprehensive, end-to-end AI application tool for integrated marketing of creative content.

Leveraging the powerful computational capabilities of the Company's Polaris Intelligent Cloud, CHEERS Telepathy boasts exceptional performance and responsiveness. It possesses the ability to comprehend complex visual data, enabling it to make informed decisions. This unique capability empowers CHEERS Telepathy to handle a diverse range of creative content, including a variety of types from basic text to intricate video scripts and storyboards. Capitalizing on its leadership position in the field of artificial intelligence, CHEERS Telepathy offers intelligent features such as smart tagging, recommendations, formatting, and content generation. By automatically generating various types of creative content tailored to specific requirements and objectives, CHEERS Telepathy optimizes content strategies, based on user feedback and behavior, to enhance interactivity and improve marketing effectiveness.

CHEERS Telepathy plays an indispensable role as an AI application tool within the complete workflow of creative content integration and marketing. It swiftly generates high-quality creative content, elevating both its overall quality and diversity. Employing advanced natural language processing, computer vision, and deep learning techniques, CHEERS Telepathy achieves end-to-end automation throughout the content creation process, while intelligently analyzing user feedback. The system deeply understands the nuanced needs and preferences of users, allowing it to adapt and optimize content according to their behavior and feedback. By seamlessly connecting previously disparate workflows, CHEERS Telepathy liberates human resources from single-node chains, significantly boosting work efficiency and resolving the challenge of soaring costs.

CHEERS Telepathy
CHEERS Telepathy

For individuals with a wide range of design needs and creative aspirations, CHEERS Telepathy's original creative image capabilities provide invaluable assistance in overcoming creative obstacles. Through extensive collaboration with advertising and marketing companies, CHEERS Telepathy generates differentiated rendering effects by skillfully interpreting diverse subject descriptions, enabling precise expression of the desired visual representations for marketing materials. Even for highly complex designs that prove challenging to execute using other social software, CHEERS Telepathy's remarkable learning ability ensures the delivery of high-quality solutions, providing support for the creation of diverse and impactful content.

CHEERS Telepathy, as a comprehensive creative content integration and marketing application tool, offers invaluable support to businesses in various aspects of brand building, content promotion, user interaction, and overall marketing effectiveness. As AI technology continues to advance, CHEERS Telepathy is poised to drive innovation and breakthroughs within the field of creative content integration and marketing.

About Cheer Holding, Inc.

As a preeminent provider of next-generation mobile internet infrastructure and platform services in China, Cheer Holding is dedicated to building a digital ecosystem that integrates "platforms, applications, technology, and industry" into a cohesive system, thereby creating a new, open business environment for web3.0 that leverages AI technology. The Company is developing a 5G+VR+AR+AI shared universe space that builds on cutting-edge technologies including blockchain, cloud computing, extended reality, and digital twin.

Cheer Holding's portfolio includes a wide range of products and services, such as Polaris Intelligent Cloud, CHEERS Telepathy, CHEERS Open Platform, CHEERS Video, CHEERS e-Mall, CheerReal, CheerCar, CheerChat, CHEERS Fresh Group-Buying E-commerce Platform, Digital Innovation Research Institute, CHEERS Livestreaming, variety show series, IP short video matrix, and more. These offerings provide diverse application scenarios that seamlessly blend "online/offline" and "virtual/reality" elements.

With "CHEERS+" at the core of Cheer Holding's ecosystem, the Company is committed to consolidating and strengthening its core competitiveness and achieving long-term sustainable and scalable growth.

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