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Chen Hsong Wins Two Awards at Hong Kong Awards for Industries

Chen Hsong Wins Two Awards at Hong Kong Awards for Industries

HONG KONG, Dec 3, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Chen Hsong Holdings Limited ("Chen Hsong" or the "Group"; HKEX: 00057), one of the largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines in the world, has received two awards - "Grand Award" and "Certificate of Merit" - for its SPARK Series All Electric Injection Molding Machine and the Super Master Two Platen Series 6,500 Tons Clamping Force with Two Injection Unit System respectively in the Equipment and Machinery Design category of the Hong Kong Awards for Industries ("the Awards") organised by The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong.

Ms. Lai Yuen Chiang, Chairman of Chen Hsong, receives the Awards on behalf of the Group.

The awards acknowledge the outstanding capability and achievement of the Group in equipment and machinery design, and also its leadership and trail-blazing technological standard in the industry. The award presentation ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks on 2 December 2019, with Dr. Bernard Chan, the Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, and Ms. Salina Yan, Chairperson of the Organising Committee of the 2019 Hong Kong Awards for Industries as the officiating guests.

The SPARK Series All Electric Injection Molding Machine, which won the "Grand Award" was developed by Chen Hsong's top-notch technical team guided by the Group's philosophy of "Quality is of Paramount Importance, Technology is Core Competence". The series boasts sophisticated mechanical structure, a high-speed control system operating with the support of a real-time intelligent programme, plus an operating software with molding control big data gathered by the Group over the years put in. All combined, the system has molding protection and stress relief functions more intelligent to ensure every production step takes place at high speed and with precision consistently. With those features, SPARK has bridged the performance gap and torn down the technological barrier between China's all-electric machines and their high-end Japanese counterparts, taking the lead among all-electric machine products in China.

Expressing her heartfelt appreciation to the organiser and judges of the Awards, Ms. Lai Yuen CHIANG, Chairman of Chen Hsong, said, "Both Chen Hsong and I are very happy that the Group won the two awards. They represent the strong recognition earned again by our R&D and production teams for their hard work and contribution to the machine manufacturing industry these two years. We have remained loyal to the operational philosophy of our founder Dr Chen Chiang, focusing on developing industrial technologies, investing continuously in developing high-tech and high quality moulding machines, ensuring the Group can lead development of the industry, and keep improving service standard, in its strive for perfection. In the future, the Group will continue to fulfil the corporate mission of 'Enriching Livelihood of People by Industry, Strengthening the Country through a Prosperous Society', innovate persistently and push for breakthroughs, so that it may reach new heights on the technology front in the moulding machine manufacturing industry in China."

With full government backing, the Hong Kong Awards for Industries was established in 2005, merging the former Hong Kong Awards for Industry and Hong Kong Awards for Services established in 1989 and 1997 respectively. It aims to recognise the achievements of Hong Kong enterprises moving forward on the high-tech and high-value development track, as well as their outstanding performance in different areas. The "equipment and machinery design" category of the Awards is organised by The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong, for the purposes of encouraging efforts to improve the design and production of local equipment and machinery and their competitiveness, and also commending excellent products. The entries are judged on aspects including innovation, new technology application, functionality, ease of use, cost effectiveness, safety, environmental impact and marketability.

About Chen Hsong Holdings Limited
Chen Hsong Holdings Limited ("Chen Hsong" or the "Group"; HKEX: 00057) is one of the largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines in the world. Chen Hsong was founded in 1958 by Dr Chen Chiang, and has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1991, with a customer base covering more than 80 countries worldwide, including China, U.S.A., Canada, France, U.K., Germany, Turkey, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and most S.E. Asian countries.

Chen Hsong's leading position in the industry is secured through relentless pursuit of technological advancements, manufacturing innovations, no-compromise service levels and single-minded pursuit for excellence.

Chen Hsong, headquartered in Hong Kong, has multiple manufacturing facilities in Mainland China and Taiwan to gain access to top talent and technologies in Greater China as well as the world. The Chen Hsong Industrial Park in Shenzhen, and the large-scale manufacturing facilities in Shunde and Taoyuan, are the R&D and manufacturing centres of the Group. Chen Hsong also operates manufacturing facilities in Ningbo.

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