Chengdu in Foreigners' Lens

CHENGDU, China, Nov. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- What's Chengdu like in the eyes of foreign photographers? Chengdu has a soul, unlike anywhere else on this planet.

On November 21, a photo exhibition & awarding ceremony themed "Focus on Chengdu", sponsored by, brought together lots of global photographers at the Temple House, Chengdu. The event witnessed the presence of close to 200 guests from both home and abroad, including foreign consular officials, representatives from foreign chambers of commerce in Chengdu, and journalists from mainstream media outlets in China. Since its launch in last November, the "Focus on Chengdu" photo contest had attracted nearly 500 professional and amateur photographers from across the world, with over 1,000 entries. Based on the results by secret ballot and expert rating, the website selected a winner of the first prize, two of the second prize, three of the third prize, and two of the most creative award. The first-place winner was Guillaume Kaufmann from Switzerland. Currently, is showcasing 48 excellent photos selected by its users from the entries on the website.

The pictures highlight Chengdu's Tianfu Greenway, pandas, Sichuan Opera, hotpot, teahouses and other typical elements of the Tianfu Culture.

At the ceremony, released a video titled "This is Chengdu", which features GoPan, a cartoon panda and the image of the website.

"Amazing! The video impresses me so much. I've been in Chengdu for 13 years. The fast-changing city is getting more and more international while doing its utmost to keep its ancient culture and civilization. I love it very much," said Ramon from the US.

GoPan symbolizes the vision and culture of gochengdu team, which is open-minded, inclusive, passionate and is committed to giving the outside world a better understanding of Chengdu and its Tianfu Culture.

As an important online platform for Chengdu's international communication with the outside world, is devoted to well telling Chengdu stories and showing the outside world an ever changing and fast growing Chengdu. The launch of GoPan reflects its mission and unremitting effort to promote the city and the Tianfu Culture.

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