Chiayi Excellence Products Marching Into Singapore Prime Markets for a 1-week Pop Up Store

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach  - 20 October 2019 -  Located in the southern region of Taiwan, Chiayi County possesses an incomparable geological environment, and is crossed with the Tropic of Cancer at 23.5°; the area abounds in agricultural products from the renowned Alishan and Jianan Plain, and fresh aquatic products from Budai and Dongshi Fishing Port, where excellent cultivation and breeding technology has forged exceptional agricultural specialties in Chiayi. In order to introduce the superior products from Chiayi to the international market, the Chiayi County Government is working with Singapore Prime Supermarket for the first time, and will be organising a Chiayi Excellence Pop Up Store in Prime Supermarkets between 21st October and 27th October, allowing Singaporean citizens to savour the excellent produce from Chiayi. 


Weng Chang-liang, magistrate of Chiayi County, expressed that: "the concept of "Chiayi Excellence" that was launched recently hopes to allow local Singaporean citizens to be familiar with the excellent and fresh agricultural specialties from Chiayi County, and this collaboration with Singapore Prime Supermarket for the first time has integrated pop up store with transitional agricultural products and cuisines, hoping to introduce Chiayi's agricultural specialties to Singapore!"


The pop up store event hopes to probe into local citizens' recommendations regarding Chiayi Excellence products, which can be used as subsequent evaluation and reference for businesses when marching into the Singaporean market, whereas Prime Supermarket also took a fancy to Chiayi County's affluent agricultural resources, and hopes to introduce Chiayi Excellence products for Singaporean citizens, which explains its active participation.