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Chiba Prefectural Government Completes Fight Song "CHI-BA Mystery Expedition!"

Chiba Prefectural Government Completes Fight Song "CHI-BA Mystery Expedition!"

CHIBA, Japan, March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chiba Prefectural Government has completed the new fight song, "CHI-BA Mystery Expedition!" for the prefecture's mascot CHI-BA+KUN.



The video is available here:

Chiba Prefecture's official website "CHI-BA+KUN Plaza"

This song was produced by the musical unit "Charat," which composes, sings, and choreographs theme songs for regional characters throughout Japan. The lyrics and choreography, which incorporate an upbeat tempo, cheerful and trendy melody, with characteristics of CHI-BA+KUN and charms of Chiba Prefecture, are nicely combined, projecting CHI-BA+KUN's cheerful and energetic image. The fight song is scheduled to be performed at various places, such as at events. Why not learn the choreography and dance together to liven things up?

Chiba Prefecture's mascot: CHI-BA+KUN


CHI-BA+KUN is a curious creature born and living in Chiba Prefecture. Full of curiosity, he loves to challenge everything. When he ventures into the unknown, courage and passion spring afresh, making his body glow with red. In addition, CHI-BA+KUN loves to eat and is sometimes mischievous. (Date of birth: Jan. 11, 2007)

CHI-BA+KUN's side profile represents the shape of Chiba Prefecture.

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