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China Matters Documents Speed and Innovation of China's Express Delivery

China Matters Documents Speed and Innovation of China's Express Delivery

BEIJING, Dec. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In November of each year, China hosts the world's biggest sales bonanza as the country's Singles Day shopping festival sets off a frenzy of online shopping on 11th. And millions of parcel orders are delivered to Chinese consumers. But for China's express delivery companies, this is the ultimate test in the whole year.  


According to the Post Bureau of China statistics, from November 1 to 11th this year, domestic postal and express companies handled 3.965 billion parcels. Among them, 675 million were processed on November 11th, and that number increased by 26.16% year-on-year. And it doesn't stop there. The speed of China's express delivery services is pushing the limits. Consumers can now even receive their orders within a day. So, what makes it so fast?

ZTO is one of China's largest express delivery companies and having around 90 regional sorting centers across the country means they have the manpower to make speedy deliveries. At its Hangzhou Sorting Centre, for example, it can handle five million parcels per day. And this is the key to their speed.

But speed is not enough. China's express companies are also continuing to innovate. In Hangzhou's Tonglu County - the birthplace of China's express delivery - another well-known company, Yunda Express, is using drones to make deliveries but they are reaching rural consumers some of whom live in remote mountainous regions.

Their drones are being powered by 5G technology and guided by GPS and Beidou navigation systems. It also has an image recognition system which means the drone can accurately at its destination without delay.

Our British reporter Josh went to Hangzhou to investigate the whole process of China's express delivery services and the industry's the latest innovation. The video was filmed and produced by China Matters

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