China Mobile Hong Kong supports the launch of MiguC in Hong Kong

China Mobile Hong Kong supports the launch of MiguC in Hong Kong
Introducing a prime online entertainment platform for young people and  promoting local anime production

HONG KONG, CHINA -  Media OutReach  - 27 July 2018 -   Being one of the leading mobile telecommunication brands in Hong Kong, China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) proudly introduces MiguC in this year's Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong. MiguC is an online entertainment and informative anime platform originated from mainland China and through this debut in Hong Kong, it aims at providing the local young generation with a more diverse online entertainment content. As part of the event, anime fans will get a maximum of one year MiguC's VIP experience if they successfully join China Mobile Hong Kong's service plan during the exhibition.

Welcoming a Brand New Online Entertainment Platform to Hong Kong

Capturing the younger segment and new generation, China Mobile Hong Kong welcomes the launch of MiguC in Hong Kong during Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2018.

Being one of the most popular online entertainment channels in China, MiguC currently has over 20 million songs, 4.6 million videos, 500,000 books, 470,000 episodes of anime, and more than 30,000 games. Alongside its profit-sharing scheme, users can receive over HKD1 million bonus by uploading their own original content. MiguC will continue to introduce more diverse entertainment content online to stay competitive in Hong Kong and be the most preferred choice amongst local audience.

China Mobile Hong Kong Stays Connected with Hong Kong's Younger Generation

China Mobile Hong Kong supports MiguC in providing diverse and localised anime, short videos and fiction. Through this collaboration, China Mobile Hong Kong hopes to promote the development and success of creative works by youngsters on a holistic platform, taking them to international markets.

ACGHK's Exclusive offers by MiguC and CMHK

Anime fans who visit the booth of CMHK X MiguC during Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2018 can enjoy the exclusive privileges below:

1.       By participating in the interactive games, one can receive a HKD132 worth 'MyVideoPass' that features 20GB local video data to watch designated videos on popular apps like YouTube and MiguC.

2.       By registering specific student service plans on-site, one can get HKD300 worth of Google Play/ iTunes gift cards and enjoy administrative fee of $18 wavier during the contract period.

China Mobile Hong Kong Customers' Exclusive Offers

From now till the end of August, anyone who successfully registered as a MiguC Hong Kong user can enjoy a 6-month VIP experience; while for China Mobile Hong Kong customers who use their CMHK's mobile sim to register can get a year VIP experience (with activation after identity verification). VIP users can watch all anime and fictions within the MiguC platform for free, participate in both online and offline events and enjoy  special offers and prizes presented by China Mobile Hong Kong from time to time.

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