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Heading Toward MIDEM 2018 in June

SHENZHEN, China, May 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Music Industry Promotion Committee of China Audiovisual and Digital  Publishing Association (hereinafter referred to as CMIPC) finally announced the list of the top 4 bands for China Night Concert -- "The Voice of China by Ling" in Midem 2018 after three months' contest in China. The event is organized by Glory Global Communications Co.,Ltd.

2018 China Voice in Cannes
2018 China Voice in Cannes

According to the organizing committee, the top four bands ranking in the comprehensive achievement of the contest are: Moxizishi (Mo Chunlin), Man Xinwei, Jin Hu, and the Yao Band. Unfortunately, Moxizishi cannot participate in the special performance of Cannes World Music Expo--2018's Midem China Original Musician (China Night) held on June 5 in France. As a result, the B Square band that ranked fifth in the comprehensive results received this precious admission ticket.

So far, four groups of outstanding original music bands that will eventually represent China for the Special Performance of China Original Musician on the beach stage of Midem 2018 in Cannes were generated: the first accordionist in China, Man Xinwei; self-independent and rational rock singer, Jin Hu; the Yao band, with unique digital music style; and B Square, the new-generation combination of Chinese and Western music. They will be on stage on the day of June 5th, two of them performing at noon and the other two acts performing in the evening.

The contest lasted for nearly four months, a total of 6 registration channels in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, universities and on the internet collected more than 1,400 original music works. The contest began with the "initial audition " and went to top 40 nationwide, then top 24, and top 12. The four major national music industry bases (parks) in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Shanghai, and dozens of music universities across the country, and dozens of Industry-leading companies in different fields of the music industry and music leagues have contributed to the holding of the contest in order to select Chinese original music with a combination of Chinese and Western elements.

Beyond that, a number of domestic experts and celebrities who enjoy a great reputation in the music industry acted as judges for this contest. In addition to four famouse musicians and organizers as the key judges in the final--Fu Lin, Zhang Shurong, Zhang Fan, and Zhang Li, executive dean of the Beijing Conservatory Music Academy, Li Ping; deputy general manager of China Record  Corporation, Hou Jun; CEO of Baidu Music, Wang Lei; director of NetEase Cloud Music, Ding Bo; CEO of Caotaihuisheng music, Ge Fei; deputy deans of the School of Music and Recording Arts, Communication University of China Zhao Zhian, Prof. Wang Xuan and Prof. Li Xiaoying; and famous musician Hong Qi have all served as judges in the second qualifying round. They used their rich professional knowledge to select the best China's original bands from more than a thousand groups of bands and selected the outstanding original music works that are widely sung.

The Special concert of "The Voice of China by Ling" in Midem 2018 is directed by the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association (Cadpa) and operated by CMIPC. This is also the second time for CMIPC to organize the event. Wang Jingjing, deputy director of Cadpa and president of CMIPC, told reporters: "As China's overall national strength and international influence continue to increase, how shall we blaze new trails, spread the concept of cultural communication in the new era, strengthen self-confidence, and make outstanding Chinese culture not only 'go out', but also 'go in' requires every practitioner in the culture industry to seriously think and practice. As a music industry organization, we are working hard to draw on the experience of various international music events, for example, the Midem with 52 years' history, to take more Chinese outstanding music works out of the country. We are expected to tell Chinese stories, spread Chinese wisdom, expound China's spirit and display China style through music--the international language."

The new guitar brand LING GUITAR, the participant of offline selection of the final and the solo title sponsor of the concert "The Voice of China by Ling" in Midem 2018, is claimed to be born for live music. The team members are composed of first-line musicians dedicated to producing a perfect guitar for the people who love music. LING GUITAR's slogan is "The beat creative, feel free to play." Ms. Chen Xiaojing, general manager of LING GUITAR, told reporters that LING GUITAR only selects wood that is over 40 years of tree age and is well known worldwide. After several months of wet processing and air drying, the wood is used for making guitar. The guitars have excellent acoustic resonance and stability, and the tone is even better. It is hoped that every LING GUITAR enthusiast can spark their inner feelings and infinite creative inspiration when playing guitar.

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