China Opens Its Doors To Foreign Investments Says Resona Dai-Ichi Group

TOKYO, Oct. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Resona Dai-Ichi Group have commented on the recent developments as China will now increase the pace of its financial and economic reforms and will continue to open its markets to foreign investors, as the country wants to move from accelerated to qualitative economic growth.

China will promote reforms of its exchange rate, as well as its financial system, so that the market takes a significant part role in the allocation of resources.

Chinese leaders promised that China's open door will not be closed, it will be only be opened wider. The government would come with rules and practices that hinder a unified market and fair competition, support development of private firms and stimulate vitality of all types of market entities, and the services sector would leave even more room for foreign investors.

"Clients at Resona Dai-Ichi Group have hoped that the economic reforms and financial stability will eventually represent a green light to global investors, this will be a big move that will only attract more foreign direct investment all round," added Aki Takuro the research director at Resona Dai-Ichi Group.

Investors want to ensure that stronger measures and new economic reforms are applied, showing concerns about the fast growth in debt. In fact, credit expansion is the main reasons why a downgrade in China's sovereign credit rating happened in September.

"The direction that China wants to consider in the future, it will become more accessible for foreign investors which is a major development. In the last eight months we have seen a 38% increase at Resona Dai-Ichi Group as more foreign investors are pouring into Chinese equities," said Henry Stevens, Director of Global Equities of Resona Dai-Ichi Group.

Still, China looks optimistic and confident about the ongoing and future reform that would open the doors to foreign investors and would integrate China into the modern world economic trends. Chinese leaders said that the government would speed up the establishment of modern fiscal system, set up clear responsibility, financial coordination and regional balance for fiscal relationship between local and central government.

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