China Ping An Carries out Strategic Cooperation with Chinasoft International to Jointly Promote the Transformation and Upgrade of Urban Industry

BEIJING and HONG KONG, March 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 7, 2018, China Ping An Insurance Group Co., Ltd. ("Ping An") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. ("Chinasoft"). Combining Ping An's ability to consolidate the urban industry with Chinasoft's IT capabilities, the two parties will work together to upgrade the urban industry and create a new business model, the "Urban Industry Consolidation + IT consolidation," through the Jointforce solution and delivery services.

Dr. Chen Yuhong, Chinasoft's Chairman and CEO, Cao Yan, Senior VP of Chinasoft, Bob Ma, Senior VP of Chinasoft, Ren Huichuan, GM of Ping An Group, Yu Taiwei, CEO of Smart City Ping An Group, Hu Wei, Director of Smart City Office of Ping An Group, and etc. attended the signing ceremony.

As a member of the China Smart City Development Alliance, Ping An Group has systematically set up a comprehensive smart city solution -- the Ping An Smart City Cloud Platform "8 + 1" in the fields of administrative government, finance, security, health care, education, property, environment protection, life and other fields. It aims to create a new city life of "smart, intellectual and efficient". After years of research and blueprinting, Ping An has cooperated with a number of provinces and cities in the fields of administrative government, health care, education, finance and other smart city initiatives. It has helped the government to improve its administrative managerial capabilities as well as the servicing capabilities towards citizens (thus creating a positive social impact).

Chinasoft will fully utilize Jointforce's advantage in consolidating IT resources to provide the Ping An's "8 + 1" smart city cloud project with project procurement, project delivery process management, quality management and online project acceptance and other services to form a new mode of smart urban software delivery. The two parties will share the business opportunities in administrative government, finance, security, medical, education, and etc. to create benchmark industry solutions and empower cities with technologies.

The strategic cooperation between Chinasoft and Ping An not only solidified the relationship between the two parties, but also demonstrated Chinasoft's leading position in the new generation of cloud, digitalization, and platform as recognized by more and more leading industry clients. Secondly, this cooperation furthered Chinasoft's consolidation capabilities in the IT industry and will help Chinasoft to help other clients to realize digitalization through the new input of IT talents through Jointforce. Lastly, this cooperation helps Chinasoft to continue to grow vertically in finance and government industry and increase its emerging businesses revenue in cloud computing and big data, pushing Chinasoft to become a world class IT enterprise.

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