China Wood Optimization Awarded National Science and Technology Progress Award

Paves Road for Transformation and Enhancement of Wood Optimization Industry

HONG KONG, Jan 10, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - China Wood Optimization (Holding) Limited ("China Wood Optimization" or the "Group," HKEX stock code: 1885), an advanced new technology group engaged in the processing, manufacturing and sales of Processed Wood Products and a self-developed Wood Processing Procedure Service, is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hebei AMS Wood Processing Co., Ltd. ("Hebei AMS"), was awarded the 2017 State Science and Technology Improvement Award (Second Class) on 8 January 2018. The Award represents a very high recognition of the Group's capability for research and development, and marketization of the technical application of its wood products.

The Group was awarded in respect of the "Material Modification and Functionalization Technology Based on the Modification of Wood Cell". The project focuses on solving various issues of wood products harvested from man-made forest, such as having low density, low strength, easily deformable and easily decayed. Through changing the cellular wall molecular structure and transforming the microscopic cell-piled structure, properties of these wood products can be significantly improved, thereby achieving the goal of transforming low-quality wood products from man-made forests to high-quality and high-value wood products.

The State Science and Technology Improvement Award is one of the five national science and technology progress awards established by the State Council, which is a recognition of the creative contributions, technological research, technological development, technological innovation, application and popularization of advanced scientific and technological achievements, as well as the accomplishment of major scientific and technological projects and plans by Chinese citizens and Chinese organizations. The award presentation ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People and is amongst the highest standards of award ceremonies held by the Chinese Government in the science and technology field. Several state leaders including Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Gaoli and Wang Huning, attended the ceremony and presented awards to the winners.

Ms. Yim Tsun, Chairlady of China Wood Optimization, said, "Being awarded The National Science and Technology Progress Award (Second Class) marks an important milestone for China Wood Optimization in creating new horizons in the field of modern wood optimization industry, as well as a combination of the Group's scientific research capacity and industry influence. The Board believes that this award will encourage the Group to continue achieving its goal to be a world-leading environmental friendly production enterprise and to become a leading corporation in the wood optimization industry."

About China Wood Optimization (Holding) Limited (stock code: 1885)
The Group is principally engaged in the processing, manufacturing and sales of processed wood products, as well as providing a Wood Processing Procedure Service for customers with a self-developed wood processing procedure and a self-developed impregnation fluid. The Group's processed wood products include the less-shaved Processed Wood Panels. The Group's wood processing procedure can improve the hardness, shrinkage and swelling rate, density, deformation resistance, cracking resistance, anti-corrosiveness, bending strength and elasticity of poplar wood. Its processed wood products can be used as substitutes of natural solid woods. The Group's products are widely used to make furniture and indoor furnishing materials. Customers of the Group mainly include manufacturers of floor planks, furniture, doors and window frames and wholesalers of wooden panels. The Group successfully transferred listing from the GEM to Main Board in September 2016.For details, please refer to

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