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Chinese Dairy Leader Yili Deepens Commitment to World-class Quality via Innovation

Chinese Dairy Leader Yili Deepens Commitment to World-class Quality via Innovation

BEIJING, Sept. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese dairy leader Yili announced an upgrade of its European R&D Center and a rechristening of the center to Yili Innovation Center Europe at a press conference held at Netherlands-based Wageningen University on September 12, 2018. The announcement received wide attention from industry insiders. At the event themed "Innovation Brings Empowerment and Connects to the World", Yili Group executive president Zhang Jianqiu said that with the upgrade, Yili Innovation Center Europe will deepen its cooperation with Wageningen University in terms of research and development, talent exchanges, resource sharing and continued collaboration on future projects, helping the dairy leader become a world-class trendsetter and innovator.

At a summit focused on the topic of world-class quality based on international standards, professors and researchers from Wageningen University, one of Europe's leading universities in the field of life sciences, dairy laboratory Qlip and invited Chinese mothers expressed their opinions on the current trends taking place across the global dairy industry as well as Yili's ongoing commitment to world-class standards, innovation and R&D.

Partners with top-level university to boost development of a global dairy industry

Wageningen University, one of the world's top 100 universities and one of the leading universities in life sciences and agriculture, has been collaborating with Yili for four years. The upgrade will serve to further deepen the relationship. Yili also plans to collaborate with additional universities, research institutions and other partners as well as invite more experts in the field to join its R&D team. The Chinese dairy leader has it in their roadmap to further explore cutting-edge technologies in terms of healthy products with a focus on life science, nutrition and health, food safety and technologies. The upgrade will help Yili keep up with latest global development trends and better serve the Chinese market.

Partners with top-level laboratory to create highest industry standards

Qlip, the world's largest dairy testing lab, is well-known for stringent testing and evaluation standards, foresight and authoritativeness. Its internationally-proven quality standards are the world's strictest. Qlip's executives had earlier toured Yili pastures, commenting that Yili has been in full compliance with all international standards.

Yili's cooperation with Qlip is another testament to its world-class standards, paving the way towards witnessing the Chinese firm's transformation into an international dairy leader.

The press conference demonstrates not only Yili's high attention to R&D, ongoing commitment to high quality, but also the global community's recognition of its innovative competence and endless pursuit of world-class standards.

Yili Innovation Center Europe also serves as testament to Yili's efforts in establishing partnerships worldwide, setting and enhancing world-class standards and working towards the development of a fully globalized international dairy industry via innovation. Yili aims to collaborate with partners, enhance efforts at innovation and speed up the expansion roadmap beyond the home market to enable everyone, everywhere on this planet, to live a healthier life.

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