Chinese TV Series, "The City of the Family", Tells the Story of the 20th Century's Deadliest Earthquake

A moving drama that recalls memories of the difficult time

CHANGSHA, China, Dec. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- China's TV series have made great strides in recent years, with significant improvements in themes, concepts and production. In particular, costume and historical dramas, among others, have entered a new era of on-screen delivery, vastly increasing audience appeal. Many high-quality TV series are popular not only in China, but also across many Asian countries. Recently, the Chinese TV series The City of the Family, produced by Ningbo Yuanning Cultural Media Co., Ltd., has become a hit among audiences in China.

The City of the Family is not a tactics-focused costume drama or a martial arts fantasy, but a TV series that focuses on the real-world earthquake that struck Tangshan, a city in northern China, in 1976.

The series retells the story of how the Tangshan people saved themselves and recovered from the trauma after the great earthquake. The Wang family epitomizes the Tangshan residents who were present during the catastrophe. The family of nine with seven different surnames come together to share their love and warmth after their own families are broken up as a result of the catastrophe. The rebuilding of their lives reflects the massive changes that have taken place in China over the past 40 years.

The story not only received a tremendous response in Tangshan, but also touched the hearts of countless viewers across China, reminding them of their own experiences as they lived through the difficulties of this period of history. The degree to which the series reflects the experiences of many of the viewers is at the core of what has made the series a truly moving drama. The social changes since China's reform and opening up shown in the series are also true memories shared by all who grew up in the country during this time, stirring up a wave of nostalgia.

The City of the Family reflects the memories of countless Chinese viewers, while providing audiences outside China with an intuitive understanding of the earthquake that shocked the world many years ago and the changes that Chinese people have gone through in the past 40 years. This gives fans of Chinese TV series an opportunity to deeply understand the history of contemporary China.