Chinese weather forecast app Moji Weather launches the "35 Degrees Celsius Program" campaign in partnership with Sprite and McDonald's

BEIJING, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Moji Weather, a popular Chinese-language weather forecast app, has recently convinced many Chinese consumers to make the trek to their local McDonald's despite the unending heat wave blanketing a large part of the country. Most people would simply rather stay at home, hence, the ability of the app to drag people out of their homes and onto the baking hot streets has drawn wide attention and triggered extensive discussions in China.

Moji Weather's 2018 "35 Degrees Celsius Program" poster
Moji Weather's 2018 "35 Degrees Celsius Program" poster

The weather app has become one of the most popular in China with its 15-day forecasts, including detailed data on current and predicted weather conditions, the air quality index and UV light intensity. In a move to give back to its users, the app, in cooperation with Sprite and McDonald's, launched the "35 Degrees Celsius Program" campaign, during which anyone who has downloaded the app can get a medium-sized cup of Sprite for free at designated McDonald's outlets as long as they have received a QR code via the app's gaming feature. 

Thanks to the wide distribution of the campaign and the free Sprite incentive, hundreds of thousands of Moji Weather app users have taken advantage of the offer.

With the rapid development of the internet in China over the past few years, Chinese-language mobile apps have made the convenience that their apps deliver work to their advantage. The simplicity of the weather app and the campaign that has been such a success are something worth studying and emulating.

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