Chongzhou Delegation travels to Indonesia to Promote Home Furnishing Industry

CHENGDU, China, Oct. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As a satellite city dominated by electronic information, furniture and decoration industries, Chongzhou, Chengdu, China is 25 km away from the central area of Chengdu. From October 5 to 8, Chongzhou will attend Index Indonesia, to promote and introduce its home furnishing industry worth RMB 10 billion, to businessmen from different countries, hoping to advocate the industry cooperation model of realizing a win-win outcome based on sharing Chongzhou's value with the world.

In its travel to Indonesia to promote the home furnishing industry, Chongzhou, as the production base of plate furniture in China and the base of decorating and refurnishing materials in Chengdu, has organized nine representative furniture, door & window and building material enterprises such as China's largest panel furniture enterprise Quanyou and one of China's top ten home furnishing brands M&Z to participate in the exhibition.

Chongzhou has more than 300 home furnishing enterprises and over 40,000 personnel employed in the furniture industry. It has planned a 4,720,000 sq.m. furniture industrial park and a 5,740,000 sq.m. decorating and refurnishing material industrial park, gathering a large number of enterprises from fields such as furniture, real estate, raw and auxiliary material supply, logistics & transportation and brand agency and several exhibition centers and professional markets - Chongzhou has thus become one of the areas in Southwest China with the best supporting facilities for the furniture industry. In addition, it has taken the lead in implementing an "Internet +" action plan for the home furnishing industry and integrated the traditional industries with emerging industries such as Internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things.

"The annual value of production of Chongzhou's home industry has exceeded more than RMB 10 billion, we hope to advocate the industry cooperation model of realizing a win-win outcome based on sharing, and we are committed to sharing Chongzhou's value with the world by means of contracting, subcontracting and investment of design, manufacture, marketing, and projects," said from Chongzhou Business and Investment Promotion Bureau.