Chroma aggressively expands into supply chain market for India's first-tier automakers

The key lies in flexible testing solutions and advanced regenerative energy equipment

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Indian government has made big strides in developing the clean energy sector, leading to the rise of the country's thriving electric vehicle and power battery industries. In this huge market, the demand for testing is also growing rapidly. Chroma, which specializes in electronic measurement technology, has been developing the Indian market for decades. Through the operation and deployment of local sales networks, the company has become deeply involved in the new energy sector with a focus on industrial clusters. Its testing solutions have been widely used in electric vehicle factories and their parts supply chains, quality inspection units, energy storage systems and battery module factories.

Chroma's EV key component testing solution has recently been selected by the supply chain of India's leading automakers. The solution not only covers the basic functional testing for production line, but also includes advanced regenerative burn-in equipment which has unique energy recycling function making energy reusable in the factory. This brings practical and economic benefits to the car manufacturers, and meets the environmental requirements. Chroma is dedicated to meeting the demands of first-tier customers in the EV industry by developing a flexible automated power conversion test platform.

Automated testing system for electric vehicle parts

The Chroma 8000 ATS customized system is specifically designed for testing electric vehicle components (on-board chargers and DC/DC converters).

  • Hardware: integrated AC and DC power supply/power meter/signal generator/oscilloscope/AC and DC load, and other test instruments.
  • Software: testing of specifications according to the QC/T 895, GB/T 24347 and other standards. Users can also use this open platform to write their own testing specifications according to different test requirements.

Regenerative burn-in test system for electric vehicle parts

The customized system, based on Chroma 17020, can perform regenerative burn-in tests on electric vehicle parts (on-board chargers and DC/DC converters).

Chroma is aggressively developing the key electric vehicle testing markets in the world. From research and development to mass production, from whole vehicle to upstream and downstream, Chroma provides comprehensive testing solutions. Please contact Chroma through the following URL and parties for details:

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